FAQ: Affordable Hardware Dashboard

Here are the parts I used:
(NOTE: Amazon no longer supplies the DigiYes unit with the offset connector I used. The middle connector positions the unit further to the side. Make sure you get a 1000mA unit. Results seem to be hit or miss.)

Pay special attention to order the correct QI model with the correct position. You want the Micro USB port in the left side of bottom - Narrow side upwards, Wide side downwards. It must match this format:



Using 18 gauge lamp cord and wire nuts, you connect the above female vampire plug to the power and common lines. You then plug in the USB AC Adapter and stuff it into the box. The above female vampire plug was left over from a Christmas light display project.

Alternatively, if you have 14 AWG feed, two of the following female connectors *should *work and take up less space:

Crack open the back of the Fire and tape the magnets inside the back cover:
I taped mine because I wanted to be able to re-position them if needed. To my surprise tape works fine as a final solution.
Tape magnets to the back side of the wall plate. The above position worked best for me to display in portrait orientation. I would also recommend placing additional magnets for a landscape orientation. I haven’t determined where they should be placed to achieve this yet.
Plug in the AC Adapter described above and stuff in electrical box. Tape QI transmitter to wall plate and plug into micro-USB.
Button up the wall plate with the magnets to the top. Notice the red LED is visible through the plate. When the device is paired with the receiver it turns blue. My son thinks the blue back lighting is cool at night.

Plug in the QI receiver to the back of the Fire. I taped mine on the back with clear packing tape again to avoid a permanent mistake. It has turned out as a permanent solution yet allows for QI removal.

There is enough room to put the QI reciever under the Fire cover. In my latest attempt I slit the cover near the USB and it works great under the cover.
Above are the final results.

Presently, I use it as a Sonos controller. However, my long term goal is to use SmartTiles version 6.


By default, Amazon Fire tablet will timeout and return to the home screen. Also, you need the screen at full brightness to be useful. However, full screen brightness uses much more power and maxes out the QI charger. Thus, the following configuration is needed to reduce power consumption and manage the screen sleep mode:

  • Turn OFF “Atuomatic Smart Suspend” under Fire Power settings. This is on by default and turns off WiFi when idle.

  • Turn OFF Bluetooth which is NOT needed for a dashboard and will only put extra burden on the charging system

  • Load the following App and configure it to keep screen on “Until I turn off” and check on the last three options:

You need two more apps that use the camera to sense motion and adjust screen brightness. However, they are not available from the Amazon app store. Without rooting your device or installing Google Play (which has not been always successful), you can side load these as follows:

Make sure Motion Detector has “Picture” turned off or you will run out of storage in no time.

Over time I’ve noticed Fire OS updates load and reboot to the home screen. In the long run it may pay to turn off OS updates or figure out how to load on start up.

Once the battery went completely dead when I failed to dock the tablet to the QI for a couple of days. When I re-docked the device, the QI charger did not work. I had to disconnect the QI receiver and use a USB to get enough juice in it before it would charge again. Luckily, my receiver was only taped on so I could easily remove it. I’ve read others ending up destroying the receiver when attempting to remove more permanent attachments.


Just a heads up I’m not sure using those connectors for 120v power and stuffing the transformer would be up to code.


Awesome. Thank you very much for taking the time to put this together! I definitely look forward to see your software tweaks. I am playing around with it and figuring the best way to use it long term.

Agreed, I can’t see this abiding any code. This setup is safe in my opinion, however. The transformer has plenty of capacity and the other components are low voltage DC. The biggest concern would be a heat issue, yet the single coil charger never gets hot like I’ve discovered three coil chargers.

Regardless, use at your own risk and of course turn off power while connecting.

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@beckwith Thanks for the write-up! I just ordered the Qi gear to perform this on my Fire. I’m quite the n00b when it comes to Android/Tasker, any way you can export & share your Tasker project xml file?

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Private message your e-mail and I’ll send the xml file or let me know if you want to use a different method to get you the file.

So unfortunately I still have not had any luck with the Qi charging of the Fire tablet. Initially I ordered the incorrect Qi wireless charging receiver module, but that shouldn’t have affected whether or not it would charge. Well I received the correct charging receiver configuration and received it today; still no luck with the wireless charging. My next step is replacing the single charging coil with a triple charging coil. We’ll see if that works…

FWIW - the charging coil LED does switch from red to blue when the receiver is placed over the coil, but the charging lightning bolt icon never displays on the tablet.

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What transformer are you using? Is it 2 amps?

I am using the same one linked in the post - output of 5V 2.0 Amps

The problem I had with three coils is the heat is much greater. It also doesn’t fit a single gang box.

hmmm…good to know…I may rethink my three coil approach.

Are you using the Fire I list or a different device?

Same device as you - Fire 7 5th gen. The only thing that differs from your setup is that I haven’t bought the magnets yet

So, when you side load these from 1Mobile, are you just getting the free versions listed in 1Mobile? Or are you somehow linking to the Google play app you have purchased? I assume you are just searching and getting the free versions. I assume I could also just load Tasker directly from the APK if I have it.


Should work. 1Mobile just makes it easier finding the APK that “works” on Fire OS. It makes updates easier but on the negative side tries to butt in with ads, etc.

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I listed the wrong QI receiver by mistake and maybe that is the problem with your set up.

I’ve updated my original post with the following:

(NOTE: I originally listed the iDOO model by mistake. This may work, but I can’t vouch for it. And unfortunately Amazon now only carries the DigiYes with the middle connector which may position it too far to the side.)

Thanks for the update. I’ve got a replacement 1-coil & a 3-coil charger being delivered today (3-coil wasn’t cancelled quick enough), we’ll see if that makes a difference. Fingers crossed


Is it possible to host your tasker profiles here? The video seems to go into more than whats needed, unless I’m missing something?

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Import this into Tasker:

<TaskerData sr="" dvi="1" tv="4.7u3m"> <Profile sr="prof2" ve="2"> <cdate>1444546224452</cdate> <edate>1453092025685</edate> <id>2</id> <limit>true</limit> <mid0>3</mid0> <nme>MotionDetected</nme> <Event sr="con0" ve="2"> <code>599</code> <pri>0</pri> <Str sr="arg0" ve="3">org.motion.detector.ACTION_GLOBAL_BROADCAST</Str> <Int sr="arg1" val="0"/> <Int sr="arg2" val="0"/> <Str sr="arg3" ve="3"/> <Str sr="arg4" ve="3"/> </Event> </Profile> <Task sr="task3"> <cdate>1444546271823</cdate> <edate>1453091968836</edate> <id>3</id> <nme>MotionDetected</nme> <Action sr="act0" ve="7"> <code>810</code> <Int sr="arg0" val="255"/> <Int sr="arg1" val="0"/> <Int sr="arg2" val="1"/> <Int sr="arg3" val="0"/> </Action> <Action sr="act1" ve="7"> <code>159</code> <Str sr="arg0" ve="3">MotionDetected</Str> <Int sr="arg1" val="0"/> </Action> <Action sr="act2" ve="7"> <code>30</code> <Int sr="arg0" val="0"/> <Int sr="arg1" val="10"/> <Int sr="arg2" val="0"/> <Int sr="arg3" val="0"/> <Int sr="arg4" val="0"/> </Action> <Action sr="act3" ve="7"> <code>810</code> <Int sr="arg0" val="1"/> <Int sr="arg1" val="1"/> <Int sr="arg2" val="1"/> <Int sr="arg3" val="0"/> </Action> <Action sr="act4" ve="7"> <code>159</code> <Str sr="arg0" ve="3">MotionDetected</Str> <Int sr="arg1" val="1"/> </Action> </Task> </TaskerData>

Can you export the file?