Visonic Sensors (Provided by Comcast etc)

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I know it has been a while. But, wondering if anybody had any luck with these visonic sensors? I got them installed at my house from previous owners. As mentioned earlier by @wvaj , I was able to pair the Visonic motion sensor them as a ‘thing’ and then changed the type in IDE to ‘Motion Detector’ and ‘SmartSense Motion’. But, no luck. It always shows ‘Motion’ on the iOS app even when the device is detecting no motion and motion (per the device led indicators).
Any thoughts? Is there a generic issue with these sensors coming from Comcast/Visonic?

I haven’t gotten them to do anything beyond “pair” either.
No one really seems to have any idea what to do with them - I would’ve hoped there was some kind of “tcpdump” for a zigbee setup so I could see what it’s sending across…

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Hi- bumping this thread - has anyone gotten these sensors to do anything but pair??

There’s some talk and DTH on the window/door sensor here.

Thanks Ray but my problem is the Visonic K85 motion sensor - it pairs but even using the generic types doesn’t really do anything.

Sorry to revive an old thread, but was wondering if anyone was ever able to get either the Visonic MP-841 working with ST.