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Here is a current list of tested devices.

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Fibaro RGBW Micro should be added

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Would it be possible to add devices such as ZigBee door contacts and motion detectors?
Brand- Visonic
Model- MCT-320 SMA

Brand- Visonic
Model- Next Plus K9-85 SMA

The hub will find these devices and label them as unknown allowing no interaction with them.
Is it possible that these may be supported in the future? If so, what are the chances? Just wanting to know which way I should go from here.


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I would be interested in knowing hat happens when you change their device type (or what they come in as). This can be done using the dev site and by going to the device and selecting a different type. (“re-typing” as it is sometimes referred to)

@Ben I have tried this as someone in another thread mentioned this, changing the device type had no effect on sensor or it’s pairing with the Hub. Since the sensor itself will not complete it’s part of the pairing process it just shows up as a ‘dead’ sensor (will not communicate with the Hub).

@Ben would there be a way I could send some to your guys to work with? I have an SMC door sensor, Visonic door sensor, and Visonic motion sensor. These are all devices compatible with the iControl systems and the door sensors are “Pull-to-Pair” sensors. I know a lot of people with Security systems through the various cable companies (Cox, Time Warner, Comcast, etc.) would be very grateful if we could get these working with Smart Things.

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@wvaj Better yet, just send me an email with all the products (and links) and I can get our team to look at them. Thanks!

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@Ben was @wvaj able to get you the information about these sensors? I also have a bunch of these same devices that would like to get functional as well, even if limited.

@Ben sent it up to @urman but I haven’t heard anything since. I asked about progress last week but never got a reply.

I’m actually thinking about switching to PEQ from Best Buy instead. I know that uses the same type of Hub the Comcast Control customers (without the TouchScreen) use, so I think those sensors may pair with no issues.

Any new developments on this topic?
I have purchased the PEQ Hub, and some of the sensors work but only some (even the several on their compatibility list don’t work) and PEQ support is not very helpful. Their response to non-working devices on their compatibility list is "Yea we support that device but only certain versions."
I really can’t wait for a Smart Things replacement.

I’ve given up on smart things as they don’t seem to ever support SMA sensors (nor do they respond saying they won’t support them). Out of curiosity, which sensors are / are not working with PEQ?

The Sercomm RC8021 cameras I have had no luck with. Either they won’t pair or if they do then the record feature doesn’t work. The Azela Thermostat (3156105) by CentraLit and the Zigbee Water Sensor (MCT-550 SMA) by Visonic are also on their compatibility list and neither one will pair at all. I have also been a little disappointed that they will not be offering any smoke detector support.
This certainly would be a more appropriate post in their forums, but they don’t have any. Another fail.

It would be great if Smartthings could support the functionality offered for DVR’s and connected security Cameras via Swann’s apps for smartphones.

Hi Ben, I have just pre-ordered the new hub and was wondering if it is possible to get support for Ankuoo smart outlets here is the website http://www.ankuoo.com
I also have a thermostat from 3M this is the website http://www.radiothermostat.com/filtrete/products/3M-50/

I would appreciate if I could control all of them from the same app. Thank you.

The Tyco MCT-340 (visonic) is now supported by smartthings. Could modifying the code allow the MCT-320 SMA to work?

I am new at this…so here goes. A great device idea for your smart phone tablet, computer security system or home automation system is a gas water heater timer.

Any updates or progress on these Visonic MCT-320 open/close sensors? My SmartThings Hub 2.0 sees them, but won’t recognize them. I’ve tried several different device types in the IDE, no success.