Visonic Door/Window Sensors $10

Visonic MCT-340 E Wireless Door Window Sensor Samsung SmartThings $10 @ Amazon w/ code SENSOR50

Anybody know anything about these sensors? Seems like a great price if they are actually reliable.


Looks dodgy to me. I wouldn’t recommend it.


Neither Visonic nor Tyco are "Works With SmartThings"™ certified, and yet the product is un-rightfully using SmartThings’s trademarks on their product ad, with no trademark disclaimers? …

Very naughty.


I grabbed 2 on the off chance they are legit. Instructions note to use the Tyco handler. They have an Xfinity version that has good ratings and review meta seems to think the reviews are legit. For 20 bucks figured I’d give it a try.

For 20 bucks you could get Iris contacts and know that they work


Iris are 10 a piece? I got 2 for 20. I did find this which isn’t on the certified list but at least recognize by ST.

And this which notes at least the Tyco is certified. The support link takes you to Visonic site so maybe there’s hope.

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I’ve used these sensors with no problems at all. SmartThings recognised them when I tried the “add a new device” and set up was straightforward.


June 2015…? But not listed on the WWST pages (or I’m a lousy searcher…)?

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No, don’t think it’s there. I think that list is a list they will stand behind and support but there’s a lot of stuff in the support docs that isn’t on the list. I think it’s stuff they tested and worked but not enough for them to stand behind it and troubleshoot. Not really sure though.

The Discount code expired anyway…

same seller as this thread. seems to be somewhat decent seller based on their amazon reviews.

These devices aren’t certified for use with SmartThings. They’re similar to a model we support, but they won’t pair out of the box. They’ll pair as a generic ZigBee device and it’s up to you to figure out how to get them to work.

If the seller is looking at this, it’s probably in your best interest to remove all the “Samsung SmartThings” references before Amazon removes your listing.


If they aren’t supported then why is there a page on the official SmartThings support site with a Vision PDF at the bottom?


Obviously you didn’t bother to read this

I clearly read the post. Obviously you didn’t follow the link and look at said PDF. They are the exact same model, not just similar

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If you are so confident , than go buy 50 of them. Then you can come back and tell us how well they worked .

2 different ST Staffer have commented that this device is " dodgy" and while similar is not the one that works with ST other than as generic device. Since you know they are wrong, I wait for your report .

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The device on that amazon page is the “MCT-340 E”. The device we support is the “MCT-340”. They report different information during the pairing process, so the “MCT-340 E” will not pair out of the box with SmartThings.

My team is directly responsible for testing and verifying compatible devices on the SmartThings Platform.


Ah, i see. I stand corrected!

So, are the following instructions from the Amazon product page linked in the OP correct for this specific unit being sold?

"SmartThings Connect | Samsung Smart Things Installation Instructions for Visonic MCT-340 E Window/Door Sensor: |1) Make your MCT-340 discoverable then via your phone app search for a new thing. It should then show up as a thing. |2) Use your SmartThings Hub Login and password to create an account at the developer section on the smartthings website. |3) After signing in go to My Locations then click on your hub and sign in there as well. |4) Go to My Devices page on the Samsung developer api. Locate the new Thing > scroll to the bottom of the page > click edit > in the type field select Tyco Door/Window Sensor and update. (Tyco is Visonic's parent company) | After updating it may take a brief time for the sensor to configure and give a read out."

It might work, but using those instructions the device probably won’t configure itself properly with our controller.

The correct instructions would be to self-publish a Device Type Handler that includes the fingerprint for this device, then pair all of them.

This DTH should work, but I haven’t tested it: