2019 Door/Window Sensors with Good Battery Life?

I am looking to buy a set of door/window sensors that work with ST. Here are my preferences, if anyone can direct me in the best direction.

  1. Small size so they don’t look too obtrusive
  2. Long better life - had a couple of Iris ones in the past and they ate batteries quickly
  3. Won’t break the bank since I need to buy 14 of them

Thank you in advance.

I’m a big fan of the Visonic sensors. They pair easily without a custom DTH, they’re quite slim, $15 now but if you’re not in a hurry they regularly drop to $10. I’ve had about a dozen of them installed for over 18 months and only changed 2-3 batteries so far. And there’s an alternate DTH available if you want to repurpose any of them for other needs.



There are many good sensors that work with smartthings. Different people have different budgets. For example, The Sensative strips Work well with smartthings, Have great battery life (10 years), are weatherproof, can be painted, and fit in places that other sensors don’t. Zwave plus. But they are much more expensive than most other sensors. So perfect for some people, out of the question for others.

Zigbee sensors Will almost always have better battery life than zwave sensors, and are usually smaller as well. (The Sensative are an exception because they have a patented battery system.) If you are looking for a budget sensor, the Visonic MCT340E zigbee Sensor is popular in the community and works well.

However, before jumping into anything new, I am concerned that you say your iris sensors did not have good battery life, because that brand typically has a reputation as having above average battery life. So it does make me wonder if you have sufficient zigbee repeaters so that your battery operated devices can easily reach the hub and they don’t have to re-transmit the same message three or four times, which obviously uses up 3 to 4 times as much battery life.

This issue is called “mesh strength,“ and generally you should have one zigbee device that can repeat about every 40 to 50 feet in the home. These would normally be plug-in pocket sockets, in wall receptacles, light switches, or IKEA Tradfri lightbulbs.

Because if you have a weak Mesh, that would affect any brand of sensor. :scream:

Also, remember that zwave can repeat only for Z wave and zigbee can repeat only for zigbee, so we are just talking about zigbee devices that use mains power as far as the backbone of your zigbee mesh.

If you’re interested, you can read more about setting up a strong backbone in the following thread. Start with post 11 in that thread, read it, then go back up to the top and read the whole thread.

But if you already have a good zigbee mesh at your house, then there are lots of good sensor choices, you can just look for what’s on sale. Unless, of course, your budget runs to the Sensative strips. :sunglasses:

The smartest House often has some kind of bundle deal on the Sensative strips, so they are worth checking first if you’re interested in that model.

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I just ordered the Visonic sensors. I can report back here on size, etc when I get them.

That Amazon coupon on the link doesn’t work anymore. I tried. But I did get them for 14.99
from mydigitaldiscount.com

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Does anyone know if there is a way to use 319.5 mhz wireless sensors with ST? This would save me a ton!! LOL

There is not.

You can use zwave or zigbee home automation (ZHA 1.2). You may be able to use some zigbee 3.0 Devices.

If you have the dual logo ADT/smartthings hub, you can use the matching sensors, but you cannot use those sensors with any other model hub.

And that’s it. Smartthings does not have the radios to receive other frequencies.

So if I had a ADT/SmartThings device/panel, I could use the 319.5 sensors?


If you had an ADT/SmartThings hub, You could also use the ADT/SmartThings dual logo sensors, which are on a proprietary frequency around 900 MHz

There is no smartthings model hub which has a 319.5 MHz radio

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Thank you!!

Question is how small?

For example the EcoLink sensors, I’ve had then running for 5 years now. All 8 are still on the original battery and it’s showing between 70-80%.

Then there are strip sensors like @JDRoberts spoke about.

Mark check out the post on the Visonic MCT 350 I just posted! They are great and supposedly have a 5 year battery life. I can’t confirm battery life as I have only had them a couple months but I can say that they work flawlessly since install.

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Hi @whatdididonow, I’m wondering a few years now, how’s the battery life on the Visonic MCT 350?

They suck! Batteries are only lasting a few months, and that’s with the alternate DH. Can’t find these sensors much anymore either.