Samsung Connect Home - Visonic MCT-340 E Door Window Sensor

Has anyone been able to add Visonic MCT-340 E Wireless Door Window Sensors to the new Samsung Connect Home (Smartthings + Mesh WiFi)? I’ve added the Device Handler per the instructions, but they never show up in the Samsung Connect App. I’ve even tried the Tyco Door/Window Sensor Device Handler, but no luck. I like the size and at about $10 each I was hoping to buy enough to cover all my windows and doors.

check out this

I have tried those steps and they don’t show up. Thanks though.

While I don’t have the new Samsung Connect, I do have a Samsung SmartThings hub. I bought about 50 of these sensors from MyDigitalDiscount as well. I followed the instructions and added the device handler. I got the first 40 or so sensors added and working without any problems. Following the same steps I did for the others, I tried adding the next sensor. However, I couldn’t get the SmartThings app to recognize or add the next sensor. I’ve tried resetting the sensor, using a different device type, and also pairing a completely different sensor (thinking one might be defective); however, I’ve had no luck in getting any of the remaining sensors to work.

I’d be interested if you or anyone else has found a solution.

I am using the same sensor with this device type. Maybe try adding the device type first in the IDE then do the pairing process.

Thanks; that is the device handler that I added and am trying to use.

I can add the device manually through the IDE website. If I do this, then the SmartThings app “finds” the device when I go to the pairing menu. However, once paired, the sensor does not work properly and is not reporting on any events or statuses.

I just tried t add a BOSCH ISW-ZPR1-WP13 WIRELESS PIR MOTION SENSOR and it doesn’t show up either? Is there something wrong with my setup or is the new Samsung Connect Home with Smartthings built in somehow different from the other ST hubs?

Any other thoughts? I continue to have the same issue and have not been able to find a resolution.


You are right… i am having the same problem.

I could install 8 sensors and then the smarthub started acting weird. I wasn’'t able to add any more. I rebooted the smarthub and then only to my surprise all the sensors stopped working. Unusual but cant get any sensor reset.

None of the sensors reset even if i hold the reset tamper switch. Planning to return all the sensors.


I figured out my issue. I didn’t have enough ZigBee devices in my system that we’re plugged in to a power source and acted as repeaters/extenders. While the number of ZigBee devices you can add is high, you have to have enough powered devices to support them. The SmartThings support folks told me each powered/repeating devices could support only 40-50 devices. I forget the exact number. Anyways, I bought a few more ZigBee powered outlet switches, spaced them around my house, and added them to the network. Then, I unplugged the hub and took out the batteries for 15 minutes. After restarting the hub, I was able to add the MCT-340E sensors without a problem.

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Can you please share the link of the zigbee extender you used ?


It was just the standard Samsung SmartThings Outlet.

Thanks for the tip… Installed all the sensors successfully… I think the limit on zigbee devices on the hub is around 35-40. Once i installed the zigbee extender, then I could add all the sensors and lights successfully