New certified devices from OSRAM, NYCE and Tyco

This is a ZigBee LED strip. It pairs directly to our hub and can be controlled with both color settings and color temperature settings.

Osram LIGHTIFY Tunable White Bulb
This is a ZigBee tunable white bulb. It pairs directly to our hub and it allows you to control color temperature.

Osram LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB
Similar to the Flex strip above, this “Gardenspot” RGB strip is actually IP66 and IP44 rated. This means that you can keep it outside to accent a garden or pathway and not worry about water or debris damaging the device.

NYCE Door/Window Sensor
NYCE manufactures a series of very small ZigBee devices. The NCZ-3011 is a standard open/closed sensor.

NYCE Garage Door Sensor
This is a very small tilt sensor for your garage door. It’s about the size of a stamp.

Tyco Door/Window Sensor (MCT-340)
This is a simple ZigBee open/closed sensor that also reports temperature.

These devices can be paired now and will be shown in-app by tomorrow morning.


Any model number or link on the Tyco sensor? That sounds like something I need several of. =)

Added! It’s the MCT-340.

Is that because you don’t really like this one? Too expensive?

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Yea, even the Aeon is $24. IMHO at the top of the door or against a cold/hot window is not a good place for a temperature sensor. So the added temperature sensor doesn’t cover the added price for me.

Nice job @Tyler and team! Keep the good stuff coming!!

My initial reaction was because I had no idea the ST open/closed sensors also did temperature readings. That said, Tyco/TEConnectivity is also a brand I’d like to support when possible due to their sponsorship of some other things I like. If the Tyco sensor is cheaper, that’ll be the winner.

I generally agree that temp monitoring next to a door/window is silly, but most of what I still want open/closed sensors for are interior doors on rooms that I’d also like temp data from, so either of these will work nicely.

Cool. Lowes in our area has these in stock:

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I set the OSRAM Flex up at my house the other day.

I have sliding closet doors in my bedroom kind of like this. I placed the light strip inside the closet above the sliding door opening. I also installed a SmartSense Motion/Temp sensor. When I slide the door open or stick my hand in to grab clothes, the light strip comes on and illuminates my closet for 1 minute. It’s a very simple automation, but it’s been great in the morning when the sun is starting to come in my bedroom but not quite enough for me to clearly see my closet.


I’d like to see more use cases that take temp averages across zones on my house and I see these devices as a way to do that.

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My endgame was to have these in place for when the remote open/close vent sizes I need become available, but this is a good idea as well.

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This is my goal when I finally get around to buying all of the stuff. I already wrote a SmartApp to support it that isn’t very generic but with some help from the community it could be. I do work in critical HVAC (± .5DegF) so thinking about putting a temperature sensor on something that is colder or hotter than the room is a sin to me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That being said I wrote offsets into my SmartApp to compensate for situations like these.


Hi everyone,

Anyone knows if we can use the Osram LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB33 directly with ST or do we need their hub?
I hope we can connect it directly to ST Hub, otherwise we will end up with too many hubs around :frowning:

It connects directly to our hub. You do not need the Lightify hub.


Perfect, nice integration guys!!!

For those interested, I just purchased the one below even though it says Wemo on it. Best Buy is close to my house, so I ddn’t have to wait for Amazon to ship it. While the exterior (box) part number is different, the Zigbee module inside IS the correct one that is certified with SmartThings…Got them all hooked up and working. Great new addition to the house!

Awesome! Good to know.

Can the Osram LIGHTIFY Flex RGBW be hardwired? I’m trying to find a manual on it.

The OSRAM Flex RGBW strip consists of three parts. A sectioned strip of LEDs, a ZigBee module, and a power adapter.

The LED strip plugs into the ZigBee module like this.

The ZigBee module cable has a label on it that says “Use only with Class 2 power unit” and “Model 73661 DV12V Max. 36W.”

The power adapter connects to the ZIgBee module using a barrel jack connector. The power adapter plug itself says:
Input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 1.0A
Output: 12V - 3.0A

I hope that helps!

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One thing I am not clear on…are these devices repeaters, or simply on/off endpoints?