CentraLite Plug-In Dimmer and Appliance Modules 2/$40 1/$24.90 Free Shipping

Good deal on ZigBee CentraLite 3100 Dimmer and 3200 Appliance Plug-In modules

1 for $24.90
2 for $40

Dimmer Module

Appliance Module


They are also offering Yale YRD210 ZigBee locks for $94.50 each or $169.00 for two.


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Has anyone used the dimmer on these? Thinking about a couple for some lamps. I assume these are supported in ST? They look identical to the Lowe’s Iris ones as well as the ST branded ones. Cheers!

That’s because CentraLite makes them for Lowe’s and SmartThings. Depending upon the “fingerprint” these use to identify themselves to ST, they should join up without a problem, otherwise manually changing the DTH in the IDE to ST’s should work as well.


Thank you!


Amazon has the appliance module https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CKKVX30/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

My Digital Discount is the seller on Amazon, though the Amazon price is $29.50. They also offer the appliance module through their site for the same price as the dimmer module but it is currently out of stock.

Picked up 2 of the dimmer modules to test the dimming with some lamps. They were 2 for $40 with free UPS shipping.

Also thinking about trying a couple of the contact sensors:

$14 doesn’t seem too bad.

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I just ordered one, I wonder if this plug has the same process to turn on the Z-Wave repeater. I actually need it for a ZigBee repeater, but it won’t hurt to turn on both.

Unfortunately, the CentraLite and SmartThings plug in modules do not have a Z-Wave repeater in them, only the Iris versions.

Are those Yale locks any good? I could use two on my back doors. Have the Kwikset 910 right now on the front door and I like it.

I like the ZigBee Yale lock I have but I don’t have that model in particular. With the Yale locks you can change the configuration remotely (no dip switches) and have up to 250 codes (though who needs that many). They have great build quality. Their biggest downside is that I have not heard great things about their support (from several other commenters, no personal experience).

I also have written a DTH to access the additional features and work with lock manager SmartApps. I’ve linked it below.

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I really don’t care as there are three others within 25 foot, so Z-Wave mesh is good.

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I jumped on these outlets a few weeks ago to use as a zigbee repeater. Paired up just fine and working well.

That lock is tempting!

The 3100 dimmer outlet does not dim all the way off with some led dimmable lights, but someone said that it did with their ge dimmable led lights. note that it does dim all the way off with old school light bulbs.

They now have the appliance module back in stock.

Note: I’ve edited the first post to add the link.


Has anyone used this motion sensor? http://www.mydigitaldiscount.com/bosch-security-motion-sensor-pir-pet-immune-for-samsung-smartthings-and-other-smart-hubs-with-zigbee-wireless/
I’m looking for a pet immune sensor

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Got my two dimmables. One is being used on a Himalayan salt lamp stationed on a high cabinet in the bedroom. Say “Alexa, turn the salt lamp to forty percent” for a beautiful low glow, then “alexa, turn the salt lamp off” when it’s time to go to sleep… without disturbing the wife and cats who have all fallen asleep on me.

Yeah, HA with voice control has its benefits :slight_smile:

Another benefit is that I took the non-dimmable wall wart that was formerly controlling the salt lamp, and assigned it to the exercise room entertainment center. Man, them cable boxes drink up power even when off! 18 watts… a smart outlet pays for itself quickly with those boxes.

The next benefit is that it turns out Alexa only knows names! So if you replace an outlet and re-do the names so the new outlet has the existing name, you do not have to re-discover devices.

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Can someone confirm that these plugs do not act as Zigbee repeaters?

These should repeat and be the same as the SmartThings plug in modules. Have you tried a ZigBee mesh repair by powering off the hub for at least 15 minutes?