Video Feeds

OK, so let me first start with the back story. I have several D-Link cameras as well as hub v2. I have been having issues with getting the recorded videos to display in the android app. After several days of digging, i have found that sometimes (more often than not) the app doesnt get the token back so the video is viewable. If i dig through my online events for the camera, i can find the video link and append a functional token, and the video is viewable. I have contacted smartthings about this, several weeks ago, and it appears that the conversation is going no where.

So… i have begun working on a smart app that makes the events visible via json responses. Ultimately i want to be able to filter the events to find the clip, look at the url, and append the token if necessary. Then as a bonus i am going to download the clip naming it My site uses php.

So i am playing with the thinglayer api to do this. I have added cameras to the code. I am able to get the camera id, and display the last event. I am struggeling to get the clip events. Ive included the current code, which i am playing with. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Nevermind. I got it to work. I am now able to display all of the completed video feeds and download them. i use php to interate through the responses and form html5 videos. I also included a link to download it. :smile: