[RELEASE] Generic Video Camera DeviceType, Yes, Live Video Streaming

The code is now available via the github link above. This was written live on my weekly show Live Code Fridays…

This just takes whatever stream URL you want, creates a child device from child smartapp and passes it into the device for streaming.

Will add more features to this over time, but its a simple way to add streaming video feeds to SmartThings.

Android works far better than iOS, since iOS doesn’t support as many protocols, etc. Might take some tinkering to find the right settings / resolution, etc. to optimize.

How to Install:

Github integration works for smartapps and devicetypes, just add the repo and copy down the files


Install from Code for each smartapp and the devicetype

Publish the connect app and devicetype (don’t publish the child smartapp)

Go to Marketplace, smartapps, my apps, find the connect app. Click Done to install the smartapp.

Go to smartapps in fly out, side menu find the Generic Video Camera Connect smartapp.
(If it isn’t there, its a platform bug, need to go into IDE, locations, smartaps, find the smartapp, click on it and uncheck the child check box)

Add a camera.

Make sure the url is all lowercase for rtsp or http: etc, as Android and iOS can tend to capitalize the first letter, which can then fail.

Add as many cameras as you want.

They will show up in your things list.

For assistance, you must provide the following information to get support:
SmartThings Mobile version Number
Mobile Device, Android, iOS, Windows
Camera Make and Model
Streaming URL you are trying to use
Proof that some how you don’t have access to google or other search engines to find the correct url :slight_smile:

Known Issues:
iOS streaming is limited, nothing I can do about this, it appears it is an iOS limitation, try a low res stream.
Sometimes streaming will stop or lag out, this might be an ST app issue, restart app and should be fine.
Resuming from sleep on android with stream open may result in black window or missing video tile, wait a bit or force quit and restart app.


This is completely unsupported and taking advantage of undocumented / unreleased features which can and probably will break in the next mobile app release, firmware upgrade, platform release, phase of moon change or at the flap of a butterfly’s wing.

Feel free to fork, extract and or use this code how you see fit, I provide no warranty. It could melt your phone for all I know. If you do use the code or any part of it, all I ask is you provide a credit back to “pstuart” and a link to the original github code in a comment.

NOTE: Do not port forward your cameras. This will only work when you are on your home network or using a VPN back to your home network. I repeat, DO NOT PORT FORWORD your cameras.


Cool, does this need a v2 hub? I’m still trying to see what advantage ST integration for exterior cameras??? Other than one app to look at things. I record continuously, as motion on these DVR cameras is always finicky.

I don’t know… Will test on my v1 hub shortly, but it appears to be streaming to the mobile app, not via the hub.

I just hooked up my Swann 1080p DVR 8 camera system today, so great timing! It supports RTSP. Got it from Costco for $399 last week (now back to regular price).


Yup, best of all, this doesn’t require DNI to be the IP:PORT in hex, it just works.


Is be happy to test when your ready!

I’m hoping your new device handler doesn’t rely on the current htmlTile…

Dies it use any code shared by SmartThings under an NDA, even a verbal informal one?

Nope, htmlTile is limited to external calls only. This is live local streaming.

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My concern is if it creates any unneeded load or adds to the instability of the mobile app.


Can’t wait to try it! Also, your landscaping looks great! :wink:

2 dogs. My wife was out all day patching the grass.

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What problem were you encountering with this? If it works locally, I can’t think of why it wouldn’t work remotely (assuming proper ports are forwarded on your firewall). Nice job, looking forward to getting my Hikvision cameras tied in.

What a tease… :disappointed:

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Well done! I can’t wait to see how you pulled this off… I was trying to do this with my DTH but to no avail.

Yes if you protect forward it will work. But I can’t recommend it.

I’ve got 2 dogs as well and yes, they are rough on the lawn. I was serious though, yours does look good. Tell the wife! :slight_smile:

For those wondering about v1, I found this. Not sure if this means this will not work on a v1 but I would assume so.

What do I need to use video?

The new SmartThings app, a SmartThings-compatible camera, and the Samsung SmartThings Hub v2. First-generation Hubs do not support video.

Do you know if ST will be able to take action based on motion in a camera or anything like that?

I will be testing my code on hub v1 tomorrow, I don’t think it uses the video services, just streams directly to the mobile device.

i’ll volunteer to test, currently 1 Foscam FI8910W and 2 Hikvisions en route from China :stuck_out_tongue: