Accessing SmartCam Pro video (feed and recordings)

I’m trying to develop an external application (web site) that can link seamlessly to a Samsung SmartCam Pro camera. I need to be able to display the live video feed, as well as show the recorded motion events. I also do not want the end-user to have to log in to view the feed/recorded video (they will have already logged into the web site).

Is there any documentation for accessing the camera’s API directly?

I know the SmartCam mobile app does a great job of this, but I do not want a separate login involved. Is it possible to establish a single-sign on trust and do deep linking into the app from my website/app?

What about SmartThings integration? Is there SSO or deep linking available on the SmartThings mobile app? I see there is a BETA of the live video supported right now. What about accessing the recorded video on the device (not the 30, 60, or 120 sec clips recorded by Smart Home Monitor)?

I’m willing to change cameras if needed, or even take a crack at writing my own device handler - but without any documentation on how to get at the recorded video on that camera, I’m at a loss.

This is something I am looking for too…if you get a solution for this then please tag me too. I am currently doing this using Blue Iris + Google Drive. Google Drive has direct APIs for accessing files. The Blue Iris software records and stores video on to google drive.

My plan is now to create my own web site / app to handle the video. I’ll have to use a different camera - one that complies with ONVIF Profile G. This way I can get the URL to the live feed as well as search recorded clips.