Recording D-Link video to cloud and/or local drive

I’m a new user to SmartThings, and so far have enjoyed my experience with it. I have two D-Link DCS-2132L cameras currently connected to my hub. In the SmartHub security menu, it offers the ability to record a set amount of video, but doesn’t allow you to pick where the video gets saved. I also noticed this is a trial feature that will end in about a month.

My questions are: 1) is there a SmartApp or other function that will allow me to record video in the event of a sensor trip when the Hub is in an Away or Night state, and 2) can I set where the video is saved to (preferably both local storage on a networked drive and also to the cloud)?


Currently the way SmartThings works for video is that it pulls a live feed and then records it onto it’s own cloud storage. You can easily create a devicetype to record video based on different triggers and set it to go to either a SD card, email or FTP but you’ll need to discover the camera’s supported URL commands and then do a bunch of custom ST coding. I’m currently doing just that for the older DCS-942L (not supported by ST).

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Huh. That sounds way out of my pay grade! I guess I’ll continue hoping someone else has already written a SmartApp that I can make use of.

Here’s another dumb question - how do you access the saved videos? I ‘tested’ my ST system this morning by purposefully triggering an alarm, but I don’t have the slightest idea where to go to access the video that should have been saved.

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

I’m really not sure. I don’t have any supported cameras yet so I haven’t used the ST video system. Maybe @tyler could give you a better answer?

The videos show up in Smart Home Monitor.

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