Various home automation stuff for sale

HAVE: Open/Close
I have 4 brand new (haven’t even opened the boxes yet) open/closed sensors (from the GoControl kits at HD) that I don’t have immediate projects for, which I would sell or trade if anyone’s interested.
UPDATE: I’m thinking of keeping the open/closed sensors now to use them as leak detectors…

WANT: Motion/Temp
I’m interested in getting some motion sensors (preferably a kind that also has a reliable temp sensor). I’ve been watching sales, and the deals thread, etc, but they don’t come up very often, and I can’t justify even the cheap Iris ones at Lowe’s right now (though I know they work well, because I just set one up recently for my parents’ new SmartThings system; my X-Mas gift to them).

So, if anybody has what I want, please let me know; either here or in a PM.

I have a couple more items for sale: 2 Aeon remotes and a V1 hub…

Is that for both or each?

For the remotes, it started off 25 for BOTH…good deal as I believe they were 45 each when I bought them…They work fine, but with the Echos I have I no longer need a physical remote.

Interested in a trade? I have the GE Dimmers and the Duplex outlets.

Sorry…I have everything I need at this point…

No Problem! ---------------

What are you looking for? I need some of the duplex outlets.

I have two extra iris keypads. Both brand new and have battery starters still in them. I bought 3 iris kits and just need one of them. Will consider trades but would prefer to sell. $28 each shipped or make offer

Here is link:

Looking for the GE on/off wall switches, AEON Labs Z-Wave Energy Metering Smart Switch (want to monitor washing machine completing cycle), a door open/close sensor, or garage door open/close sensor. Looking for any of those. I also have the GE Dimmer wall switches (5 of them)


I’m looking for Motion sensors, and still have the two outlets and 3 GE dimmers above, all still in clamshells. Anyone interested?

I still have v1 hub for anyone that wants it…see here:

I’m looking to sell a Xenon zwave Water shutoff valve. It’s never been used. I wanted it for my boiler’s water feed, but the valve is facing the wrong way and I don’t want to pay a plumber to switch it.

This is a near exact copy of the Econet Valve and @sidjohn1’s Econet Device Handler works perfectly:

$65 - PM if interested.

Sellers have a right to sell outside of ebay. There’s no legal binding contract. Not sure where you got this is untrustworthy, cheating, illegal?

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I have a few things for trade and a few tech items unrelated that maybe someone could use.
I’m after a good motion sensor (like Fibaro or similar), dimmer, fan switch

ST things (all new)
Quirky Receptacles x 4
Iris Window/Door Sensors x 3
GE Outdoor Module x 2

Some other tech stuff fs/ft (if this is a no go on this forum please let me know, Id be happy to remove it)
-Synology DS211+ NAS w/ 2x WD Red 2GB drives. $185
-Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth 2013 mechanical keyboard. Well maintained, all keys in great shape, all LED’s working. $30.
-Honeywell WiFi Thermostat. RTH9580WF, Color Touch, Includes manuals. $100
-Google Nexus Wireless charger. $20

GE Receptacles x 4

how much are you looking to sell the quirky receptacles for ?

How much for the GE receptacles?

3rd in line but if there are any receptacles or the outdoor modules I’m interested.

What are you asking for the outlets?

Busy day at work. I’ll respond tonight and have prices. I was hoping to do some trades, but I guess better to have someone using them than waiting to use them myself.