Items were sold, thanks: Can we offer something for sale we can't use?

Thinking I had neutral wires, I bought 8 GE12722 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/Off Switches. 3 GE 12723 Add-On Switch, and a GE dimmer switch.

Imagine my chagrin yesterday when I pulled the switch plate off and discovered no neutral wires. Oops.

Anyway, it’s past the 30 day return date, and I’m looking to sell them. Is it OK to offer for sale in ST community? If not, will delete this post.

I don’t see a problem with it! What are you asking for the stuff?

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Should be okay! Did you buy them from us by any chance?

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Yep, its ok. :smile:

Just use safe selling/buying practices.

As Tyler mentioned, did you buy it from us? I know people, I can pull some strings :wink:

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No, I got them from Amazon. But I bought them a couple of months ago, planning on installing them in December when I was finished with a work project.

I thought the electrician we had do some work on the place stated we had neutral wires, but I was obviously mistaken.

Dumb mistake, really.

Sorry, replied to wrong person.

I spent 378.70 at Amazon on October 9th (just so you know purchase date, these things go through rapid upgrades). One of the switches was opened, but I have all the stuff for it. I was hoping to get $200.00 for the batch?

I can help you out exchanging with Lutron Caseta switches, those don’t require neutral.


Thanks. If I understand on those, though, they don’t work with LED bulbs, do they?

What I’m going to do is put in track lights, with plug-ins and then get smart plug-in outlets. No muss, no fuss.

Thanks, I wish had bought them from you now :wink:

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Have you tried to return these on Amazon? Sometimes the return window is a lot larger than 30 days… If not, at least give it a shot. I’ve returned things at almost 6 months for a full refund.

They do work with LED.

@Shelley_Powers have you try to return these to Amazon and if they refuse I would be interested in buying them from you?

Yeah, Amazon won’t take it back after 30 days. Understandable. If you’re interested in the whole batch, PM me.

No such luck. When I tried to return, they said my last day was November 10.

The batch has a home.

Thanks for letting me list the stuff here. I’d rather the stuff go to ST community.

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One more add-on switch available. PM me if interested.

@Shelley_Powers can you email me. I’m interested in your products.

I have a whole bunch too if anyone is interested. I was going to go with eBay but I’m not sure a ton of people know what this stuff is.

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I sent you a PM regarding these. Thanks

Edit: Message for @drake0508 Drake0508

I’ve got lots available:

Illumi LED smart LEDs - 2: 1 x BR30 & 1 x A19
Philips 433706 Hue Lux 60W Equivalent A19 LED Personal Wireless Lighting Starter Kit
GE 12727 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Smart Toggle Switch, White
GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Dimmer Switch
Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock with Keyless Bluetooth Touch to Open Convenience in Satin Nickel w/ 3 extra key FOBS
SmartThings multi sensor
Schlage motion detector

Apple products-----

Apple iPad Air 2 MGKL2LL/A (64GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray) NEWEST VERSION with free case: KHOMO Dual Super Slim Carbon Fiber Cover with Rubberized Back and Smart Feature for iPad Air 2 Case (ip-air-2-carbon)
Apple iPod touch 16GB Black/Silver (5th Generation) with rubber case - $209
Apple iPhone 6 a1549 128GB Silver Smartphone for AT&T - $719
Apple AirPort Express Base Station (MC414LL/A) - $99
Apple TV - first generation


ARRIS SURFboard SB6121 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem - $79
NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender, Essentials Edition (EX2700) - $35

Other electronics-----

2 x 8 GB Android tablets/TVs
4 x MP3 players
2 x Edimax EW-7711MAC 11AC WiFi USB Adapter for MacBook, Nano Size to Plug it & Forget it, Upgrade for Faster Performance, Support Mac OS 10.7~10.10 (5GHz)