Smartthings V2 hub and motion detector for sale

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I moved to Vera (sorry) and no longer need my V2 Smartthings hub. It works fine, just don’t need it any longer. I also don’t need my “Smartsense” Smartthings branded motion detector, as I could not get it to pair with Vera. Would somebody be giving these a loving new home? I’ll take $50 (just to keep my wife happy.)

Then of course I have to figure out how to get it to you…

If this isn’t appropriate for this discussion board, please point me to the right place to post this. Thanks!

I’ll take it if that includes shipping.

Post it here.

Sorry for delay in responding. Hadn’t checked thru my “clutter” junk mail for a day or so, discovered your response there.

Sure, I’ll pay to ship. Just wanting a good home for it. Just give me an address, I’ll get in line at the post office and get it to you. You can send me a check once you’ve verified it’s all working. Thanks for giving it a new home; happy to see someone’s keeping the Smartthings flag flying, after I had to abandon it for Vera.

Happy Solstice!

–Mike Reynolds

Oh, btw, I tried replying separately to both you and Richy from my email inbox, and one of those responses bounced at smartthings community. But can’t tell if that was response to you or to Richy, so apologize for any duplicates.

Thanks, Richy. Looks like scotalex is going to give it a good home, so we’re good.

Happy Solstice!

Grrr! Had to grab this response out of Clutter as well. Microsoft just doesn’t seem to trust you!
Scott, Smartthings community says it bounced my email response to you, so posting here in case you didn’t get my response:

Check is fine. Hold off on that until I get this puppy to you and you’re sure it’s all working ok. I’ll send via US Post office: a V2 smartthings hub and power adapter, and a Smartsense (Smartthings brand) motion detector. So close to the holiday I’m not sure what the lines will be like at the post office, but I’ll try to send this weekend if they’re not too bad. I’ll let you know.

Happy Solstice!

–Mike Reynolds