Various home automation stuff for sale

I bit off topic for this forum, but for those that know me, I am a community developer and home automation fan. As such, I seem to go through home automation devices rather quickly! I am selling a couple of my non-SmartThings compatible items so I cab buy the compatible equivalents.

Here are the listings on eBay I have:

MyQ Garage Opener:

NetCams :

While on e-mail, I will sell to someone on here outside of eBay and we can both save the fees. You do not get the buyer protection that way, so you can always just bid on these. PM me if you want to make a deal. Sending these out right after Thanksgiving.


Hope you don’t mind me tagging on. I have two GE dimmer switches (no neutral) that I got from ebay then realized that I need the neutral after all. Let me know if interested.

No problem. Quite honestly, I like this community and would prefer to have a section of the forums for folks selling things to other members.


Great idea, tagging along too. I have my own retired non-official ST devices. Bunch of Lutron Caseta, Wemo Insight, My Q. If anyone interested, PM for a great deal.

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I have a GE Add-On Switch (#12723), unused, that I’ll let go for cheap. I thought I would be able to use it with an Aeon microswitch, but they turned out to be incompatible. PM me if interested.

I think this should be a separate section as well. I would love a place to buy/sell stuff from other forum members.
@April or @tslagle13, is this possible?


If we did, would we call it The “Marketplace”? :wink: :wink:


That will work :smile:

if the community guys end up calling it that, don’t say we didn’t deliver a marketplace.

I’m joking.


Anyone interested in a V1 hub? I haven’t put it on eBay, but am open to an offer on it…was in use for less than a year and worked until I replaced it with a V2. I have the original box and everything…

PM me if you are interested.

I have two GE switches as well. In addition, I have a Kevo lock, a smart sense multi, and an apple airport express. Let me know if interested. :grinning:

:wink: Don’t forget to ask for the hub’s welcome key to be reset for a better purchasing experience! :slight_smile:

Anyone interested in a new sealed in box 3rd gen Nest Thermostat? I have it on eBay, but I’d rather sell it to someone here and save the fee. If interested, PM me.

Good point…no one has responded, however. May just put it on eBay (after I have the hub reset).

edit…here is what I got from Support:

Thanks for reaching out. To reset your hub, you just need to delete the location.

After that, the original Welcome Code can be used again to activate it on a different account. If you run into any problems deleting the location, let us know and we can help from our end.

Hopefully that helps and feel free to reach out again anytime.

Here is the eBay listing for the hub in case some wants to bid (or contact me directly):

Ive got 2 TBZ48A Zwave Thermostats which were used for 2 weeks. $80 OBO on each if anyone wants them before they go on Ebay.

If you’re willing to openly cheat eBay, how can someone here deal with you with any confidence?

Is there not a moderator here to keep things on topic … and … umm … legal?

Anyone interested in a trade? I have (five) Dimmer Switches (45639) to trade for On/Off, Outlets or any open/close sensors, or motion detectors. Make offer!

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Still looking for any offers for the GE Dimmers. Five available, NIS (New in Shrink)

I also have two of the GE Duplex Receptacles (ZW1001 on lower right of rear) and looking for two of the GE On/Off Light Switch (ZW4001). These are the clamshell Lowes deals…