V3 Hub Zigbee Update - March 8 2021

Does anyone have any details regarding the upcoming Zigbee firmware update for the v3 hub? The details on the status page are pretty generic. I’ve got a v2 hub so will miss out on this round, but it sounds like the v2 hub will get a similar update at a later date.

I wonder why not both hubs at the same time? Differing zigbee chipset I assume?

That’s an interesting question and an interesting event. Update announced (emailed) at the end of a Friday/beginning of Saturday (depends where you live). No announcement topic for it.

Recently the important happenings hasn’t got any Announcements what seems to be weird.

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The beta firmware Hubs has different Zigbee version than the normal Hubs. (v2)

And I got this email…

Not really helpful as to why it stopped.

Complete, but halted?