V2 Hub No Longer Talking to Smart Things Cloud (20 July 2022)

Well, it finally happened, after several years in service, my hub gave out the dreaded notification that it’s no longer connected. Thinking it was just an random blip or firmware update or something, I forgot about it, and never noticed I never received the second notification telling me it was back online. After my wife told me none of the lights turned on when the sun went down, I went down to investigate.

Have solid blue lights on the front. No amount of power cycling changes that. Internet is still up and fine at the house as I’m on my PC typing this right now.

Does anyone know the URL that Hub tries to talk to? So I can at least verify my network would allow talking to it? Making sure the IP didn’t get pulled into a block list on my firewall basically.

I’ve been a ST user since the beginning. Hadn’t switched to anything else yet out of laziness really. Life just got busy and it wasn’t a priority as long as it worked. If the hub is dead though, I have to switch to something and I imagine they never perfected replacing the hub.

I don’t know, shot in the dark, if anyone has any troubleshooting steps. Kind of blind right now.

Hi I am in the same situation and my hub is just solid blue as of 4:30 pm pst

Interesting. Could be coincidence I guess. I don’t know the exact time I saw the alert, but that’d be 6:30PM my time and I want to say I saw the alert earlier than that.

There is a scheduled firmware release going on, hopefully that didn’t brick our devices. I have sent a email to support.

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On the plus side, if my device is bricked, I have an excuse to go fully to Home Assistant :expressionless:

If I’m going through the effort of re-pairing all my devices, I’m doing it on a new platform.

I did open a ticket as well, just figured anything widespread would be here first before they reply to the ticket.

same issue here, I am curious if either of your devices have come back online. Like you Brandon I have done all the troubleshooting steps but nothing takes it back to green.

So far, still offline. If it really was caused by a bad update, I’m not sure how it can be repaired without being able to talk to their cloud.

mine is still off line as well…Agree with your concern unless they can send an update file and tell us how to do it local. I have also opened a ticket and will keep you posted if I hear back.

Just checked my hub and it too is still offline

Same issue since yesterday afternoon, there is another thread in the beta release topic with a few folks having the same issue.

Is anyone using the beta firmware? Lots of issues there, check out the beta release page

On my production hubs I’m seeing intermittent issues with the mobile app, unable to open any device pages on any hub across multiple locations, fails to download a controller (0.0 Mb). @nayelyz

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I am on beta, but both my mobile app and ide show that I am still 43.4 still

Received the beta yesterday evening on my V3 hub.

Getting lots of “there was a problem connecting” errors, but i was having that issue with the previous firmware (43.4) as well.

Glad to see I am not alone. My V2 hub is in the same boat. Running firmware 43.4 (says IDE).

Would be nice to see some acknowledgement from Samsung.

Hi, everyone.

@bmmiller, @snijjar, @pchiccino,@Duane1

Please, send an email to build@smartthings.com with the Hub ID value
It can be the one you see in the Hub’s details in the IDE.

@NickA, @Salrus, @swamplynx, @nunyabiziz, @BlackRose67 do you know if you’re part of the Hub beta program? If you’re not sure, please send an email as well

Also, please enable access to your devices info by following these steps:

1.Go to the SmartThings Web (my.smartthings.com)
2. Log in to your Samsung Account
3. Select Menu (⋮) and choose Settings
4. Toggle on Account Data Access
5. Select the time period and confirm - In this step, please select “Until turned off”, once the team finishes, we’ll let you know so you can disable it again.

this issue has been fixed in another thread, for those still having the issue, follow these steps and it will correct it.
unplug hub power (I pulled the batteries as well, not sure if that is needed) then hold the reset pin while plugging power back in and watch for flashing yellow light. Release pin when you see the flashing yellow. Take care NOT to hold reset pin too long(solid yellow light), this will cause a factory reset.

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Thank you for sharing.

However, this causes the loss of the internal logs, so, the team won’t be able to check what happened in this case which they are working on already. It would be helpful to have at least some that don’t do this hard reset.

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I sent my Hub ID just now to build@smartthings.com

I know you didn’t ping me, but I’m on firmware version 000.043.00004.

I don’t think I’m on beta firmware, but I really can’t remember.

EDIT: It appears like I am also on the beta firmware like the rest of you guys. Just forgot.

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I am in the hub beta program.

I believe 43.00004 was the first beta i took part in.
44.00006 was installed yesterday.

Log access has been enabled.

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