V2 Hub No Longer Talking to Smart Things Cloud (20 July 2022)

Hello, yes, im part of the beta.

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so what you want me to do? because there are conflicting advices in this thread.
give that access so they mess up even more?

That was only to get more info from the Hub and it’s no longer necessary, but now, the firmware should have finished rolling back and you should have the v43.

Thank you and sorry.
Looks like works with no interruptions now.
I am on 43.4 and I do not think my v2 hub ever got newer firmware.
So you plan to remove SmarttApps?
I have a lot automations using these.
Also maybe you start consider new threats because of war. They already damaged underwater internet cable for scandinavian countries.
Was really bad idea to build such dependency on internet!

obviously it was too early to thank.
within moments i posted it went offline again after almost a week of green light

green again

blue again

also your support says to remove batteries, do hard reset.
this is unacceptable.
i want reboot from app without logging to ide.

What do you mean by this?

The remote reboot option is available only in the IDE, you can mention that to the Customer Support team to see if it can be turned into a feature request.