Smartthings hub update stopped connecting

Hoping someone can help me. My hub has gone offline and I cannot determine why. The only thing I can find is when I go into the ide

I can’t seem to access it through the app either. Have tried contacting support but no answer. I just have solid blue light on the front.

Any ideas please?

Probably related to tHe firmware update…

You can try powering it off for several minutes to see if that resolves the issue. Remove the batteries if you have a v2 hub.

Try what @jkp said. Also check your connectivity (ethernet cable or wifi), solid blue typically means cannot connect to the internet/ST servers. It may help to try connecting the hub to a different internet connection if you have access to it (like a neighbor or office).

I have the same problem. It went offline on Sept 28th whilst I was on vacation. Now I am home I’ve followed JKP’s advice and rebooted several times, replaced the batteries in my v.2 and tried resetting to no avail. It seems locked in the static blue light mode. I cannot connect to the hub in any way online although there is no problem with my internet and the hub still controls some of my lights on the presettings automatically through sensors but not on timers!
I will try putting a ticket in with support. I’ll let you know what they come back with.

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