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V-Home by Vodafone


Hi all
Recently purchased the v-home starter kit from Vodafone during Black Friday. Comes with the SmartThings WiFi/hub, SmartThings camera, zipato indoor siren and a SmartThings multipurpose sensor.

With Vodafone, you are expected to sign up to a v-home monthly plan subscription. As far as I understand it, it just gives the capability to have cloud storage for the camera recordings, 24/7 alarm assistant if you miss any alerts and a v-home monitor(?).

Would I be able to use the devices (camera/sensor/hub) without the subscription?
I assume it would just give me standard video capture/live viewing and alerts if there was motion?

Thanks in advance!

Is there money in Smart Home consulting?
(Joao Manso) #2

Any news if the subscription is mandatory?

(Sander Vandelannoote) #3

Hi Adao,

Question for you, where do you live?

Did the hub come with a EU socket/plug?

Thinking to buy, but wondering if I should by via Vodafone or Amazon UK…

I live in Belgium. (it’s ok)