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V-Home by Vodafone


Hi all
Recently purchased the v-home starter kit from Vodafone during Black Friday. Comes with the SmartThings WiFi/hub, SmartThings camera, zipato indoor siren and a SmartThings multipurpose sensor.

With Vodafone, you are expected to sign up to a v-home monthly plan subscription. As far as I understand it, it just gives the capability to have cloud storage for the camera recordings, 24/7 alarm assistant if you miss any alerts and a v-home monitor(?).

Would I be able to use the devices (camera/sensor/hub) without the subscription?
I assume it would just give me standard video capture/live viewing and alerts if there was motion?

Thanks in advance!

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(Joao Manso) #2

Any news if the subscription is mandatory?

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Hi Adao,

Question for you, where do you live?

Did the hub come with a EU socket/plug?

Thinking to buy, but wondering if I should by via Vodafone or Amazon UK…

I live in Belgium. (it’s ok)



Vodafone don’t really know when I asked…

I assume no, however you have to register initially to the 24 month plan - but there is the option to cancel within the first month or 14 days (as with most contracts ordered online).

Not sure how it works beyond the contract either


I live in the UK so have a samsung hub with UK plug

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Anyone actually knows if the Vodafone subscription is mandatory? I’m thinking on buying a Vodafone kit that I found online but I don’t need the Vodafone service, I just want the Hub and the sensors.

By logic the Vodafone service it’s not required because the hub and sensors box are the originals, don’t have any Vodafone branding, so, the products are not “locked” by any means, but it’s just my assumption.

Edit: I live in Germany


The Vodafone versions all require a Vodafone subscription. Because smartthings is largely a cloud-based platform, they can and do both region lock and model lock several features.

You have to connect to the SmartThings cloud in order to set up the hub the first time, and if it is a Vodafone model it will check for your Vodafone subscription.

There have been a number of posts on other boards of people who bought a Vodafone hub used and were then unable to get it to work because they didn’t have a subscription.