Can I use SmartThings V-Home Vodafone Hub without a Vodafone account?

hi there…i have bought on ebay a samsung kit by vodafone with hub et-wv523…
unfortunelly when connecting the hub it always requests for vodafone login…
is there anyway that i force a “clean” software, or that i can use the hub without vodafone?
i kindy appreciate any possible help :frowning:

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Hi, any news about this?
Thank you

ANy news about this please

No, you cannot use it without a V-Home subscription, see: V-Home by Vodafone

I learned my lesson I ordered and returned it later

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I bought 3 from an eBay seller and when I told him they were locked to Vodafone he refunded me my money and asked me to dispose of the devices. I bought a Vodafone V-Home subscription at £8.99 a month and managed to get 1 working as a Main Hub and 1 as a Mesh Sub. In total my setup, after I finish the 24 month subscription, will have cost me £215.76

That’s a lot of money
You could have got a top of the line router mesh and hub for that money

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