V-Home by Vodaphone (SmartThings Hub + subscription fee) - Is this a Joke!?


In the UK But the subscription. other than camera storage they are just making stuff up to make it sound good. Seems like a rip off.

On the other hand it might get more users using the system and more devices certified.

Certainly a joke I only got it because of black Friday discount when they had everything half price which sounded like a very good deal but they give you smarthing wifi hub which to me looks very unstable secondly it is very limited in what you can do with the monitor for example you can only access it in the new smartthings app and not in the classic, which I prefer, also you cant use devices like fibaro key fob or presence sensor to arm or disarm the alarm it can only be done through the app, cant even set a widget on desktop, everytime I have to set or disarm the alarm have to faf about in the mobile. The smart things camera is also very temperamental it uses WiFi instead of zwave, gets disconnected very often. Thinking of returning the package as still within 30 days

Wow…! The WiFi hub is not more unstable than any of the other SmartThing Hub models.

Do you get a Samsung Login or some other sort of account?

i.e., can you login to https://account.SmartThings.com ???

Yes you can login with your Samsung account and smarthings ide account but vhome home monitor smartapp is not accessible

Then you’re at least lucky enough to be able to install WebCoRE, ActionTiles, etc. and can perhaps maximize your benefits from SmartThings distinct from vhome home monitor.

ie, it’s not completely crippled.

But it is less than ideal. What a messy partnership. Sigh.

Just seems like a rip off deal. be interesting to see if it lasts.

After all that hype about a ‘New Launch’ and then silence… I can see why now. I was waiting for some useful addition to the Smartthings family, not just share what we already have.

hi there to all. i have bought this pack on ebay thinking that the hub was “open”, but apparently is somehow locked to vodafone, right? is there anyway to put it as “factory”, i mean like normal one without any vodafone linking?
i would appreciate the help

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hello. i have tried to login but it always ask me to login on vodafone app. is there anyway to flash other firmware or at least to use it locally without vodafone?

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This is now at least the third time you have posted the exact same post. Please do not post duplicate posts.

Unfortunately, I believe at the present time that you can only use that device if you have a Vodafone subscription. If someone knows differently, hopefully they will post.

Smartthings is primarily a cloud-based platform, no matter which hub you get. So you have to be able to access the cloud even to set up your rules.