Devices - SmartThings Camera Model F-Cam-VF-1 and SmartThings support

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I have bought a Smarthings camera model F-Cam-VF-1, but when trying to install it with my Smarthings Hub, it fails with with an error message saying camera is not signed for a plan with Vodafone V Hub.

This is very strange since no where in the description of the product it mentions that. Only mentions that requires a Smartthings Hub or compatible which is my case.

I contacted SmartThings support but they told me to contact the EU support since I am based in The Netherlands. I tried to do it via the app, although it was not working.
I then tried via the website, but when submitting I got an error page.
I have then contacted via the email provided in the website, which is based in UK, which told me to go via the website even after I told them it was not working…

CX wise, Samsung and SmartThings need to improve a lot…

On the other hand, very strange that a SmartThings cam is attached to the obligation of applying for a 3rd party service when is not mentioned anywhere.

See the “V-Home” reference on the side of the box? That particular model, along with a few other devices, was originally sold only for use as part of a Vodafone home security system, called V-Home. They also had unique versions of the hub. Quite a few people said they bought the equipment used and it could never be activated without a Vodafone account. :disappointed_relieved: A few people said some of the devices did work without a Vodafone account, but I don’t remember anyone getting the V-home camera to work.

The plan is still provided through Vodafone in some countries but still requires that specific version of the hub and a V-Home account. And support is provided through Vodafone, not SmartThings.

You could try checking with them to see what they say, but based on other threads in the forum, I think unfortunately it may be locked to that security system. The VF in the model number refers to Vodafone.

Other discussions about it:

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I personally think they should have branded it V-home instead of SmartThings because it is definitely confusing!

Indeed confusing. But also misleading. One thing is mentioning you need SmartThings hub or compatible device and that for video recording it is available via V-Home monthly plan.
Another thing is you really need to have the v-plan to be able to use the device.
Anyway I just returned it. And bought a Tapo. Let’s see if it works.

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