Utilitech Glass Break Detector (New DTH in post 90)

Stainless steel forks and spoons shaken in a plastic cup works too.

I finally got it working, taking one battery out and pressing the button did not work. Neither did taking taking both out and holding the button while putting one button in. Also, just pressing the button 5 times about once per second did not work either. What actually worked for me is to install the batteries in the sensor, have your app open looking for things, and then press the button on the front 5 times (rather quickly) and then when the green light comes on press and hold the button. Keep repeating this as it didn’t pick it up the first time for me but it did about the third time!


You can test it out by playing a breaking glass sound effects video on you tube, we tried it as a joke! I have no idea how sensitive this really is, but hey, it detected something and set off a trigger and alerted ST and Scout that an intrusion was detected. So glad to know that it at least works!

This worked perfectly, after nothing else worked. Thanks!


Thanks for this @essidle. I just installed this (my first custom device type) going to test it tonight when i get home, but this is just what i was looking for.

I was able to test the code written by @essidle

Here is a YouTube link on how I tested it.

Basically just banging on the table while shaking some keys inside a glass. LOL, I was able to confirm that the code works and was able to trigger Smart Home Monitor. The red light on the detector will light up when it’s active. One of these day when I get locked out I will break one of my windows to test it, lol.

Edit: I was testing the heck out of it and the status somehow got stuck in OPEN. I then tried to remove it, but it wouldn’t remove. I had to go into the IDE and change the device type back to “Z-Wave Sensor”.

Then I added it back in, and it detected it as “Utilitech Glass Break Sensor” automatically. However, the battery status was blank, and the sensor wouldn’t work. I finally fixed it by switching the device type back to “Z-wave sensor”, press the button the detector until battery percentage shows, and then change the type back to “Utilitech Glass Break Sensor”.

If everyone still liking this sensor? Id like to buy some.

I happen to have about 20 sheets of glass that I need to get rid of after upgrading my windows.

I could buy a couple sensors and conduct some real glass breaking tests if it would benefit the group. Does anyone have anything specific for me to test?

Pressing the button 5 times unregisters the sensor with smartthings, so do that first. Then hold the button on solid green, after pressing 5 times, and it should pair.


Does anyone know if this lowes device works with ST? If i buy one, do i need to do anything special?

I have three and they work. However loud music will trip them if in the same room.

I have 2 of these and trying to test them, but no luck so far. Anyone know if these actually alarm when glass breaks?

Had it go off with loud music lol. But I haven’t broken glass to test it.

I also haven’t broken any glass to really test this. But mine worked when I put some silverware in a (drinking) glass, banged the glass on a surface then shook it. Can’t remember if someone mentioned that trick earlier in this thread or another on glass break sensors.

Had to double check if this device actually worked… so took a hammer to my recycle bin bottles and hit one. House alarm went off, successful. 2nd attempt maybe the glass didn’t reach the sound level needed to trigger but it did on the 3rd. So 2/3 isn’t perfect but it is working.

Don’t forgot it has a two step factor. Glass breaking and hitting the ground.

Does anyone know what is the maximum distance the device can be from the source of glass breaking?
Does it have to be in the same room?

20 or 30 feet I believe and walls will definitely shorten that distance

Actually it is 12 feet per Utilitech. It probably should be in same room with decent line of sight as walls will diminish the ability to notice glass break. Best way to test is silverware in a glass.

Your right just read that. That test doesn’t always work because it’s a two step process. It looks for one break glass then it hitting the ground.

Agreed, I was lucky as I struck my glass and it worked after using a knife inside the glass and knocking it around a few times.