Utilitech Glass Break Detector (New DTH in post 90)

Hey, I want to know how you got it to talk before setting off the siren. What config/hardware do you have to make that happen? That was cool!

Hey Adam, I have added this, but have no idea how to include this in any sort of automation for security (or anything else for that matter). It’s showing up as a Z-Wave Sensor, and I added your script to Device Handlers, but I must be missing something. Any info would be appreciated!

So anyone having any good luck with this device? Is it working or just not really any good?

The main reason I got it is when the burglar just breaks the window, bypassing the doors sensors. Since ARM (STAY) is TYPICALLY set (seems most do this), the burglar can roam around the home unnoticed because the MOTION SENSORS are OFF. I would rather have the system ARMED (AWAY) to set alarm off with motion sensors, but kids getting up or anyone getting up and walking around will set it off. Can you imagine siren and lights going off like that?! Great when it’s to go off when a burglar gets in, but not when its a false alarm.

ARM (STAY) seems to defeat the purpose in the case of detecting a burglar with motion sensors.

Anyone have any other good ideas for this in case this glass break sensor is iffy. i.e. doesn’t detect our particular window glass break sound setup? but maybe a large glass setup? So it may or may not work? Not sure I want to buy a ton of sensors that detect vibration adhered to all the window panes.

PS. Seems the Samsung Motion Sensor (latest new version) doesn’t detect very far or very well compared to the typical motion sensor as this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MQXXG0I/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Almost seems the Samsung Motion Sensor is meant for close proximity to turn on things really. Not detecting someone walking around a large room from an outdoor entry until they walk right up on it? Burglar could walk right on past it…roughly 15 to 20 feet away…where the other picks it up.

Can anyone provide an update on this? I’m thinking of getting one for my downstairs.

I am seeing that most of the chatter in this thread is from 2 years ago. I’ve tried the advice from everyone and it its still not working. Is their an update i missed? Does anyone have a step by step instruction on how to connect it. I think I am tech savvy but i guess I am not. Can someone please dumb it down for me.

There is some stuff here how to do it, but here is a quick link that may help. Pretty easy just requiring copy pasting after logging in of course.

Thank you so much Tim. It connects correctly now, but it still doesn’t work and i don’t understand why.

If you have it connected, it won’t do anything until it detects glass breakage obviously. The thread talks about using different simulations to trigger it.

A easy way to test is search glass break sounds. Some are louder and more realistic then others. Just play sound through your phone at loudest setting and hold right up close to microphone on detector to trigger it. You can set a notification or check the notifications or “thing” to see when detector switch OPENS. It’s basically treated like a door open/close sensor.

Don’t forget that these devices are looking for two things breaking glass and it hitting the floor. However I have found loud music will trigger the one in the living room.

Just for clarification…Even though it states that it is used for the Zooz 4-in-1 multisensor, this HD works for the GoControl Glass breaker?

Those instructions in the link above refer to the zoos multisensor, but the steps for installing any custom device handler are generally the same. As long as you’re using the correct device handler for the device you want to pair with ST.

I got a couple Utilitech glass break sensor at Lowe’s yesterday for $9.99 each. I tested it with the youtube video below using a BT speaker sitting next to the sensor and it works very well with this DTH.

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not sure why i cannot get to work. I added the custom DH and it detected it as a utilitech glass break sensor. But when i play the youtube video it just stays closed. I have not mounted it yet so i want to verify it works before i mount it. Is there any trick i am missing.

Also tried this DH that also doesnt seem to work. I bought 2 of these neither is detecting glass breaks


ok to update after putting my alarm in stay mode and adding the sensors to my smart home monitor i held up the glass break close to a glass and banged a spoon. This finally set off the detection. My only concern is i had to basically be over top of the glass for it trip off.

This device has a tamper switch and the original instructions submitted to the fcc specifically state that it reports tamper. Has anyone had any luck capturing tamper events? I’ve searched everything I can search and haven’t been able to come up with anything. It physically has the tamper switch so all I can figure is you have send a command to enable it but with no documentation, I’m at a loss.

Just bought a couple of them. Finally got one of them to pair. I am using the DTH by Steve White. Is this the correct one?

I can’t get it to trip using the video above.

Try tapping on the bottom of a frying pan with the handle end of a butter knife while near the sensor. That’s the most reliable way I’ve been able to trigger it.

A couple nights ago, I smacked the bottom of my shoes together and the loud pop triggered the sensor which turned on all my sirens. Oops!

I use the DTH from this thread post 20. I set up a CoRE Piston and make it trigger a siren to test it.

I was able to get this to pair to my St but shows as a z wave device. Tried the keys and it’s active but doesn’t alert my phone.
I tried to do a smart app but cant find the zwave device for any open or switch apps?
Can anyone help?