Using EU frequency Yale YRD220-ZW on V1 hub

I’m living in Singapore and I’m looking at buying a Yale YRD-220 zwave lock to for my home. However, the local set are on the EU frequency, and I was told by the seller that it is not compatible with the Smartthings hub (which I bought online directly from the US).

Does anyone have experience using EU frequency (868.42Mhz) locks or devices with the V1 hub?

Thanks in advance.

Can’t be done, the radios won’t hear each other.

You have to buy the version of the hub with the matching frequency. There are two versions sold now, one on the US frequency and one sold in the UK on the EU frequency.

The frequency is set at the factory and cannot be changed by the customer.


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Hi JDRoberts

So I assume I have to buy the lock from the US (such as Amazon) in order for the radios to speak to each other? I guess that’s be easier than changing the hub as all my sensors set up were bought from smartthings as well.

Yes, assuming it’s legal to import and operate devices on the U.S. Frequency in your country.

If your sensors are zigbee they would work with either the US version or the UK version of the hub. There’s only one zigbee frequency worldwide, although there are different power ceilings set by law which can affect what specific models can be sold and operated. But technically they can All talk to each other.

Zwave devices are manufactured in different frequencies, and all Zwave frequencies on your network have to match The hub’s Zwave frequency exactly.

SmartThings supports some ZigBee locks now, such as this one, which will work with a US or UK hub. I would recommend getting a UK hub, though, as you will not be able to legally use Z-Wave devices with your US hub. Aside from legal issues, the US Z-Wave frequency is likely assigned to something else in Singapore, so you may have terrible interference problems – the point of RF regulation is to ensure a reasonably open band.

You can find the list of supported products and which protocol they use here:

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