Yale smartlock z-wave and smartthings hub UK or US version

I need a Yale deadbolt smartlock z-wave US version YRD 110, YRD 240, YRD 246 or 256 to my Spanish Apartment Door. The lock will be Z-wave connected to Smartthings Hub, Cable Connected to internet router. Can I use a US Yale zwave smartlock with a Smartthings Hub UK-version?

Unfortunately, no. Z wave frequency being used by the end device must exactly match the Z wave frequency being used by the hub and neither can be changed after time of manufacture. Since the US and UK are on two different frequencies, you can’t mix-and-match devices.

The only possibility would be if you can buy a Yale UK frequency zwave module to fit your US door lock, and I honestly don’t remember if they’re interchangeable. Yale does make different modules, in particular zigbee and Zwave, but since the cases are different for the UK and the US locks I have a feeling the modules won’t swap out. But you could talk to yale tech-support and ask.

Here are the regional frequencies:


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Thanks JD. Can I buy lock and hub in the US and use it with my Spanish Router and my Swedish smartphone?

As long as the hub and device are using the same z-wave frequency, yes it’s possible to use a US hub and device that uses the North American z-wave frequency even if you’re located in another country.

Keep in mind all the z-wave devices you plan to use with that hub will have to be on the North America z-wave frequency. So depending on how you obtain them from Spain and how many z-wave devices you want to use, it could get expensive.

Zigbee devices, which ST also supports, aren’t region specific.