Smartthings hub 2 - European frequency 868Mhz

Hi to all of you European Smartthings friends.
I thought its about time we have a Smartthings forum which we can discuss and exchange ideas about the new and improved smarthings hub 2.

Since the European frequency differs from the US version of smart things etc,
We need to buy correct z-wave product to match the European version of smartthings.

Basic point of the forum is to exchange knowledge, tricks, hack, ideas, solutions, tips, and help each other to find compatible products to the European frequency of smartthings.

The US version is already announced and Smartthings developer has informed me to stay tuned as the European version will be announced aswell in the coming weeks.


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As a resident of Germany and being a backer from the very beginning, here are my thoughts on migrating to the new SmartThings hub v2 and the Z-wave problem involved.
Please have a look at my (future) setup and tell me what you think:

Currently approx. 30 devices:
– Hub v1 (EU z-wave)
– SmartThings water sensors (EU Z-wave)
– SmartThings open/close sensors (ZigBee)
– SmartThings presence sensors (ZigBee)
– Phillips hue (230V, ZigBee)
– Belkin WeMo switches (230V, WiFi)
[– PlantLink (WiFi?)]

If my understanding is correct, the only future problem with the hub v2 here in Europe would be the US z-wave frequency.
Therefore, I would still use hub v1 for the communication with my EU Z-wave devices and use hub v2 to connect the future US Z-wave devices, e.g. First Alert Smoke & Carbon monoxide detectors. However, that would mean setting up two separate SmartThings environments.

On the other hand, if hub v1 would serve as a range extender for hub v2, I would only need to set up one SmartThings network. Here it would be important to know how the two hubs would communicate with each other (no Z-wave involved).

It seems to me that with this setup it would be possible to use both the US Z-wave and the EU Z-wave frequency in one single SmartThings network. If my assumption is correct that would solve the connectivity problem for all international backers (hub v1 with different Z-wave frequencies) who could otherwise not migrate any of their Z-wave devices to the new hub v2 network.

Please tell me if you agree to my thoughts or if there is an incorrect assumption.

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Keep in mind that the V1 hub is dumb… really really dumb, in a good way. Its low power but no intelligence. Running a V1 hub UK and a V2 hub US at the same time is possible If you seriously have ~$99 burning a whole in you pocket, but you may be better off waiting for the UK v2 hub. Also V1 or V2 Phillips hue (attached to hue bridge) and Belkin WeMo will still happen in the cloud

Even if both hubs were US it may not be possible

[quote=“chesster, post:3, topic:21231”]
[– PlantLink (WiFi?)]
[/quote]Plantlink is zigbee too

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Unfortunately current ST architecture doesn’t support what you describe.

At the present time, it is not possible to have two smartthings hubs talk to each other, even if they are both using the same zwave frequency. Smartthings just isn’t set up that way. You have to define each one as a separate location and then if you’re very technically adept you may be able to To get them to exchange some information by looking like a cloud service to each other but it’s not smooth, it’s not an easy integration, and they can’t control or see status of the other one’s devices.

There have been many rumors discussed in the forum that there will be a UK version of the V2 hub coming out “soon” but what that actual timeline will be has not been officially announced. I think a single hub network on the UK frequency is your best bet, though.

We have definitely been told that at launch, it will not be possible to use a V one hub or a V2 hub as a repeater for the other. But then you can’t do that with Two V one hubs now, it’s not that surprising.

From the September 3, 2015 news on release of the new hub:

But the hub and the sensors are now available for purchase on and and will be rolling out on and retail stores across the U.S. In the U.K the products will be available at select Currys PC World stores and online at Next year they will become available in more European countries, as well.

Does anybody know if the UK version would work for example in sweden or any other european country if you switch the power outlet to a correct one. Is the frequency of the UK version 868Mz?

Most of Europe is is the same the way frequency. See the second post in the international FAQ for links to country tables:

So basically all the European version are the same. so i could technically buy the UK version and connect it with my previous EU Z-wave devices connected at home?
Just buy a converter for the power supply and all done…?
Or did i miss something… do i really have to wait until the EU version of ST hub 2.0 is released next year 2016…?

Many questions at once now but hope you or someone could help me out here… :slight_smile:

It’s a little more complicated than that. There are actually two different Zwave frequencies approved for use in Europe: the 868 frequency mentioned in this thread’s header is the most common. (The other is an 869 frequency, while the U.S. Frequency starts with 9.) I’m assuming that 868 is the one that the SmartThings UK hub will use, but I don’t know for sure. So if you already own devices, the first thing you need to do is check what frequency they’re on. But just as an example, Vera, Fibaro, and zipabox all use the 868 frequency.

Assuming that your devices are the same frequency as the smart things hub, there still may be some that are not fully supported. The same is true for US devices and the US version of SmartThings hub. The smartthings hub is certified at the “basic” level, which means it should be able to send an on/off command to pretty much any certified zwave device on the same frequency, but there might be advanced features that it did not support. Or features from earlier generations of zwave that ST didn’t add compatibility for.

If the device is not on the official “works with smartthings” list, then it’s best to come to the forums and see if other people have it working.

But if it’s the right frequency, and the devices are compatible, and you have a way of buying the UK version, then, yes, power would be the remaining issue.

Awesome. thanks for your reply. as much as I’m eager to buy the UK version. i want the devices to be full compatible. Which might be something i will regret in the future if i buy the UK version today…

Thanks for your fast reply mate!

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This entry:
“Alex Hawkinson Lorkster • 5 days ago
We are coming to the EU, starting with the UK, asap. Thanks for being so patient with us! The UK hardware that starts shipping on 9/10 is certified for the EU, so our primary barrier is just app localization since the UK devices with the exception of the power outlet will already support the necessary standards.”

The way I read that statement (guess it is from a SmartThings person) is that the UK version is sending on the ( Uk version of the frequence, which should be the CEPT, which is the same for all europe.

CEPT* EN 300 220 868.4 MHz

So, my conclusion is, that the UK Hub should also work in Denmark… Maybe also Sweden if you are nice to it… :wink:


Hmm. are you absolutely positive?
Then comes the question why it should take the company another 6 more months to release it to the rest of Europe when the UK version is basically the same and ready to order this month?

They may just not feel that they are not yet ready for customer service and technical support in any language other than English. Or they may simply want to ramp up slowly.

You may be right. but they are not going to be able to cover every language. so the best support will probably be in English language, i mean the Community in here is in English.
People that want to speak in their own language might start a Forum by them selfs and exchange knowledge etc there if they have trouble speaking or understanding English.

If you guys were in my situation living in sweden. Would you guys buy the UK version and change the power supply and hope everything else is EU standard.
Cause if thats the only thing i would order it today. But i keep hearing different things… :frowning:

“primary barrier is just app localization since the UK devices with the
exception of the power outlet will already support the necessary

Guess this depends on their ambition, for going into a new country. Do they have to have it all in the local language, or is it enough to change the power plug ?

Same for me. I live in germany but I dont care about german language localization.
As long as they support CEPT frequencys are supported I am fine.
And there should be no tax and customs problems withing the EU
I also hope they would soon add european home appliances like Miele@home and Bosch HomeConnect to their things.

Distribution (which stores it goes into), another plug type for the power outlet, or two across Europe, support, marketing campaign alignment are all reasons why you would put a delay in launching in all markets simultaneously. Store shelves either need to be paid for or make more revenue that what they are replacing. Now if like most on this forum you don’t really care about these things, and even the zipcode to enter for weather apps etc. then pick one up from the UK for 99 GBP like I will this weekend. I live in the Netherlands. If you want me to pick one up for you, you can DM me and I can see what I can do :slight_smile: Or if you want my old US Gen 1 version. I use zero Z-wave devices, Zigbee (&Thread) I believe will be the more dominant of the two in the future

Thanks Mate.
So now that i know the hub itself will work just fine like any other European version in terms of supporting the products in Europe.
Just one thing you said keeps me from buyin it. You talk about the zipcode for weather apps.
Cant i just used a zipcode in sweden and even better give it my location in sweden for the weather app? must be someway around it enable to have a correct weather forecast, like using third part app or product?
If so i would really appreciate if you could pick one ST hub 2 for me aswell while you are in UK.
That would be so Nice of you :smile:

I haven’t looked into the weather part so much, for the weather tile you can use “pws” and then the code from weather underground. Not sure if the same works for the Sonos weather announcement one though, it again says zipcode. I didn’t get it to work yet…