US SmartThings HUB on UE Country

Dear all,

I recently have purchased the SmartThings Hub 2 in the US, only 2 weeks ago, taking advantage I was on a business journey.
I currently live in Europe. I tried to configure my hub to United Kingdom location (Europe option), but the process to add the hub fails. I tried with the United States location, and it works with the welcome code.

I also have bought several devices (like FIbaro Motion Sensor / Door Sensor / Wall Plug, and Aeotec Micro Smart Switch, all compatible devices attending to the SmartThings support page) that has the EU format. I tried to connect those devices to my hub, without success.

I have searched in the SmartThings community site trying to find a solution or identify the problem. After reading some posts, I very worried about that the root cause will be the Z-Wave working frequency for the Hub US edition.
It is possible to setup the Hub to work with EU frequency? For example, during the first configuration? Can you reset the device to start operating on EU Z-Wave frequency instead of US Z-Wave frequency? Or is a hardware restriction (embedded antenna not dual transmission?)?
If it won’t be possible, what are my options? Buy all the devices in US format, or return the Hub? The options are not good at all…

Thank you for your support.


The US hub will not work with EU Z-wave devices, they use a different frequency.

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One way is to get all zigbee sensors, they are compatible and only hv one freq.

All ST sensors are zigbee:)

Contact support and explain your dilemma… then ask for an exchange.

Hi there, any update on this? Is it US hub strictly set to 900 and UK to 800mhz. I was hoping that the US one can use all Z-wave frequencies. What is your experience so far?

As has been said before, EU and US zwave frequencies are different.
The hub is hard coded to one frequency or the other.
Also the US zigbee frequency runs a more powerful output which I believe is illegal in EU.
You really should use an EU hub in the EU.

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Damn it, I live in Europe and I purchased Smartthings hub V3 from amazon US, the US version, but now I see this thread :man_facepalming: just great

Smartthings hub + sensors = 200$ throw out the window :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

I just received my V3 Hub purchased from US and I can confirm that if you have the account on US, the hub will work and the devices will connect to it.