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I have managed to buy the wrong version of the Smartthings hub (US), and I live in EU. So my question is; Is there any cons to just keep on using the US version here in EU? Most of what I am going to use with it is based on WiFi (Logitech Harmony, Honeywell EVO radiator thermostats, Philips Hue, Amazon Alexa), but I want to use some sensors that speaks with each other with Z-wave. Those sensors I can just buy from the US on Amazon because most of them use USB or battery as the power source.

Is there anything that I am currently not thinking of that might affect my system in any way?


Two issues.

1. The device selection is different for the two regions

Because residential wiring is different in the US and most of the EU, you may have a harder time finding devices that match the shape, size, and voltage that you are used to. This is particularly true for light switches, but also affects plug in pocket sockets. It’s quite common for manufacturers to only make devices on one region’s Z wave frequency.

So this would be a typical switch on the US frequency:


While this would be a typical switch on the EU frequency:

Smoke alarms made on the EU frequency are generally not legal in the US and vice versa because the sound patterns for the two are different and they also work in slightly different ways. US alarms start out at a single decibel volume and just repeat the pattern over and over. Most EU alarms start out softer and gradually raise the volume level. EU studies indicate that the rising volume is more effective at waking children, so that type is generally mandated by law there.

It’s very easy to find radiator control valves on the EU frequency, and almost impossible to find them on the US frequency as that type of heating system just isn’t used much in the US.

Door locks are in different shapes in the two regions and this can prove Challenging. In particular, there are Z wave locks made for the EU region which are very thin, but nothing similar for the US region. It’s also possible to get a multi point zwave lock in the EU, although it may require professional installation. These locks are not made for the US market.


And as mentioned the basic pocket socket issue. There just isn’t anyone who would make a a EU style plug in module using the US Z wave frequency.

US Frequency ONLY


EU Frequency ONLY



One of the reasons that zwave frequencies are different in different regions is to avoid interference with local mobile phone or ambulance service frequencies. Since the mobile phone frequencies vary from region to region, Z wave frequency for that region will be selected so as not to interfere. In some cases this means that it is illegal to use a Z wave frequency from a different region. You just need to check with your local laws to find out what is allowed.

Obviously, it’s up to you, but just because of the device selection issues I think most people preferred to have a hub that matches their own region’s zwave frequency.

Also, you probably already know this, but in part because of the legal issues mentioned above it is not possible to change the Z wave frequency of a hub after manufacture.


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JD is right. Another interference problem is those same, legal users on the frequency can interfere with your devices: so it goes both ways! Practical considerations aside, the legality part would keep me from doing it. In an earlier life, I fought a lot of RF interference issues :yum:

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As stated already, the z-wave frequencies between the 2 hubs/regions are different.
If you decide to use the US hub then you will have to buy US z-wave devices. Any EU frequency z-wave devices will not work. (And may be illegal).
ZigBee is universal so this side of things does not matter.
If it was me, and this is just my opinion, I would try to exchange it for a UK hub.


It seems I will be exchanging mine for an UK one. The US version do have a benefit of making it easier for me to buy a transmitter that controls my Somfy blinds through z-wave, but I will find another way. It is simply too big of a hassle to have the wrong version. Thank you guys so much for your help!


Fair enough but this wasn’t mentioned when I bought a Samsung Smart Hub and Schlage Connect z-wave smart lock from Amazon.co.uk
I bought them both for use in the Caribbean; a region which uses mainly USA devices but also UK devices. Having now installed the lock I find
the Smarthub offers no option to connect to the Schlage lock; only to Yale locks.
Is there any way to get the hub to connect to Schlage locks?

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I am also stuck with the same problem. Bought Schlage Connect and ST Hub v3. Unable to connect them. Use in Brazil. Did you manage to integrate them?

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