Using Contact and Motion Sensors to Trigger Alexa Routines (DTH in post 97) (Official Amazon Feature)

I noticed the other day I can add contact and motion sensors in the ST Amazon Alexa app but so far all I can get is Alexa to give me the temp on each sensor (not state). I haven’t tried the routines yet.


I just tried this and it works! Went into the Alexa app and created a routine that says Front Door Open whenever the door sensor is activated. You can even tell it which Echo you want to speak. I am currently doing this with Sonos. The contact and motion sensors are automatically populated in the Alexa app. You choose custom and type in what you want it to say. No lag either. Works as fast as the Sonos one which is immediate.


Have you tried using non smartthings sensors that are connected to the smarrthings hub? This seems like it’s potentially a really cool feature!

I think we literally posted in the same minute. :wink:

Post Updated 5 December 2018

This thread has a lot of conversation that developed while the feature was being released.

If you are just looking for a how to article on using the feature, see the following:


I think so, lol. I searched carefully before posting, hehe.

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I just checked. The motion and contact list you can choose from show Iris motion sensors, Quirky door sensors, my Schlage door lock and other non Smartthings devices. So no, I don’t believe you’re limited to Smartthing branded devices.

Actually this is exactly what people have been asking for. The ability for echo’s to make announcements. And being able to query device status is icing on the cake. I’m sure they will be adding other features to this.


High level, I think the big deal here is that Alexa has now moved past home control to home automation Samsung, Wink, Control4, etc. should be watching very closely.


This is really exciting - I’ve been avoiding learning Jinja templating in Home Assistant. Hurray!

It’s too bad I didn’t upload any chimes, sirens, alerts, sounds, etc. to “My Music” library on Amazon now that they don’t allow any uploads of personal music/files anymore. I would’ve been able to have Alexa play those short sounds if I did so. I guess I will keep LANnouncer still for those types of notifications.

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Looks like I’m going to start looking for a bunch of cool sound effects for sale. :smile:

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My friend, who does community theater, just recommended this sound effects album. It has chimes, sirens, fighter jets, tigers, etc. Now where could I use a Tarzan yell? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can see my house getting very annoying very fast with clock chimes every 15 minutes, dogs barking when someone comes around, camera click sounds for intruder photos, sirens when something is moved, and more…


My Wife is already rolling her eyes! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I set up announcements for a few contact sensors as I went to bed last night, and got a pretty low-key “garage door open” alert this morning when my wife left for work. Awesome! Glad I held out and didn’t mess around with extra connected speakers or door chimes to get this functionality. Now hopefully I’ll know if my 3yo ever decides to make a break for it…

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Now that we have this, the next tweak I’d like to see is to be able to select more than one device, or a device group, to send announcements to. It’s annoying enough that I have to create a separate routine for every contact sensor, I don’t want to have to duplicate them all so I can hear the announcements upstairs and downstairs…


Anyone in the UK seeing this ? I don’t think the UK App/Skill has been updated yet.

Not seeing the ability to trigger routines with sensors in my Alexa Android app…yet. She is responding to questions like, “is the kitchen window open?” No update available for the Alexa app in the Google Play Store. Anyone else with Android have the capability in the Alexa routines?

Under new routine, when this happens, device:

Do you have to be a prime member to add music for Alexa to play specific tracks or can you save mp3s to an AWS account?