HELP! Samsung Multipurpose Sensor - Alexa

I am trying to create routines in Alexa based off of my smartthings multipurpose contact sensors. I see the sensors in my list on the Alexa app, but when I click them in my routine it says that they are not supported. Are these contacts not supported or is something wrong??! I’m just trying to create a notification through Alexa for when my door opens. TIA!!

Something wrong. Mine works fine. Try disabling and re-enabling the SmartThings skill.

If SmartThings was linked to your Amazon account before the sensor feature was added to Amazon routines, it doesn’t always work.

Many people have found they have to do the following sequence listed in the FAQ in the community-created wiki. Follow steps two through seven exactly in that order, even if you think you’ve done some of them before.

After that, it should show up as a possible trigger in an Echo routine. :sunglasses:


This worked!! Thanks for your help. Any idea how to make Alexa just light up and ding instead of saying something for a contact sensor?

No idea—ask Amazon support. I have found them to be very helpful. :sunglasses:

This fixed my issue: I had a Multisensor that was being seen by Alexa and was receiving the opened or closed status; however it would not fire a routine based on the status change. I was on the phone with Amazon for several hours today and got escalated two times only for them to tell me to contact Samsung. I should have done a search first and found this and saved time; hopefully this helps others! Thanks JDRoberts!

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Hi guys!!

I activated the ST skill and added the Multipurpose and Motion SmartThings sensors to Alexa with no problems.
If I ask Alexa by the temperature for each one of them I got the answer ok, but I can’t see the temperature option to create routines on Alexa.

Some idea to fix it?

Thank you

Alexa doesn’t support temperature for routines. SmartThings does with Automations, though.

Oh really??
Not even if I create a virtual thermostat or something like that?
I would like to create a routine on Alexa using temperature sensor but it would activate a device recognized only on Alexa.

Thermostat won’t help, they can’t trigger Routines either, only can be used as an action in routines.

Didn’t help here. I’ve been on the phone with Samsung and Amazon just about every day for about a week or longer now. Still nothing.

Unfortunately, the post that you linked to had to do with the old skill. Smartthings created a new Alexa skill a couple of months ago and it is broken. :disappointed_relieved: Smartthings engineering is aware of the issue and is working on it. There’s nothing that we as customers can do except be patient. Updates are being added to the following thread:

New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)

Thanks for the prompt response. It looks like after talking to probably 10 to 12 different people one of them would have told me this. Thanks again. Much appreciated.

Yes, I wondered that as well. But you can see from the thread that I linked to that there are smartthings employees responding there, so it’s definitely a known issue. Just not necessarily known to all the first line support people, I guess. :thinking:

(First line support are Usually general Samsung employees working off of Scripts. One of them asked a friend of mine where he bought his virtual switch. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: )