Using Contact and Motion Sensors to Trigger Alexa Routines (DTH in post 97) (Official Amazon Feature)

I don’t have the Device option.

I’m running Client Version 1.24.203286.0 and Bridge Version 2.2.218132.0, if that helps.

RIP to me

Btw, simulated contacts port into Alexa fine.


Is it just US only so far, I don’t have it in the UK?

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I created a simulated contact sensor. Virtual. But how do I get it to report opened if the monitor on my laundry outlet dips below one watt?

I have my sensors listed in the Alexa App in SmartThings, but I can’t access any of the attributes via voice (for instance).

Same as mine. :frowning:

Would be great if they added presence sensors to the list.

Try signing out of the Alexa app then sign back in. Worked for me. :smiley:


That did it! I had already tried killing the app, and even restarting the phone to no avail. Thanks Ernie!

You can use webCoRE to trigger virtual switches and contacts.

If power drops below x then open virtual contact
If presence arrives then open virtual contact
If presence arrives and power is below x and dog was fed 2 hours ago and an airplane landed in London then turn on virtual switch

The sky’s the limit!


I have tried to log out and in, phone off and on and no joy.

I can see the sensors but I cannot see them in the routines.

Any suggestions?

Contact Amazon support.

Start from this page, and use the “contact us” button in the lower left

Are there currently any Wifi cameras that are not integrated with Smartthings that show up as a motion sensing device when creating an Alexa routine? Blink and Wyze are not showing up.

This is a very new feature. Even sensors connected to wink (which is the only hub officially installed by Amazon’s own smart home services) aren’t showing up yet. I would write to the device manufacturers and ask them if they intend add this feature. Expect we will see a lot more Devices that work with this in the next few months.


I left comments in the forums for Blink and Wyze. Both forums are monitored by company employees. Blink should be all over it as it is owned by Amazon but that has not been the case with it implementing integrations with other Amazon devices such as Fire TV.

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I was able to add all my door contacts which are being brought in through Konnected to Alexa as contacts which makes sense since the DTH exposes the contact capability. But now I can use my Alexa’s for door alerts instead of the door chime I had been using. My wife, with a 2 1/2 year old toddler that likes to open doors, will be very happy with this as she will know which door gets opened now instead of just a door chime.


EDIT: Only bad part is it seems you can’t select multiple Ecos/Dots/Taps for speaking so I might have to make a couple routines per door. The couple extra minutes is totally worth it.


So my Ring Pro shows up as a contact device but when I try to select it in a routine I get “This device is not currently supported”.

Just curious, do you have the Ring Pro connected to the Alexa app directly or through Smartthings?

Directly. I try not to make that stuff go through multiple jumps so my SmartThings, my Harmony, my ecobee, and my ring are all connected to Alexa directly. The ecobee and ring are also connected to SmartThings but I disallow it in the Alexa smart app so there’s not duplicates.