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Just seen this, not available on my Alexa app yet. Guess it’s only US for now, has anyone tested it out?

Looks really promising!

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Been using that for weeks. I created some virtual sensors so that if anyone in my family comes home and opens the door, the sensor for that specific person will open and Alexa will welcome that specific one :smile:, pretty cool.


And as usual in the UK we are an afterthought, as we don’t have this feature. I can see my sensors in the Alexa App, but no devices button in routines…

It’s very cool. :sunglasses:

See the existing active thread that @Paralytic linked to: there are some quirks.

There is also discussion in that thread of how you can use a virtual contact sensor, which means that even though the routine can only be activated by a contact or motion sensor, you can use any set of conditions in SmartThings to change the state of a virtual sensor, and so activate an Amazon routine that way. It really opens up a lot of possibilities, but again see the existing thread.

I only use phones as a presence sensor, but I would love to try your method out.