Door chime mp3 with Google Home?

I have a question and hopefully I can get an answer. I want my Google home mini to play a certain mp3 clip when someone opens my door.

Current setup:

Google home mini
Smartthings v3 hub
GE door hinge sensor

Right now I have it set up so when the door sensor opens and closes, my phone will notify me but I want the Google home to play it without needing my phone here.

Any ideas?

I tried to look in the smartthings and Google home apps and I dont see any options so probably need another app

Or another device. This is super easy to do with an Echo Dot. Just sayin’… :wink:

Damn. Maybe I’ll have to exchange it. Unless someone knows of another way

You can use something like Cast-web-api to cast an mp3 or any text you want to play (via Text To Speech) to your Google Home but it will require an always-on computer to run the node.js project as well as building your event handler routine in WebCore. It’s not terribly complicated but its not a simple as doing this on the Alexa platform.


I’ve setup something very similar. Streams a Star Trek related beep to my Alexa when our presence changes on our phone. Works very well (when my phone updates it’s presence in a reasonable amount of time)

I returned the google home and am waiting for the echo dot. I setup alexa on my phone and the routine for door open/close but i dont see any option to select a local mp3 or where could i upload something to make it work

You can no longer upload your own sound files, you have to select one from Amazon and add it to your library.

Then when you create the routine, for the action you select music and you will be able to name the file from your library.

See the following:

Well that sucks… i have 4 specific mp3s that i need and i highly doubt theyre gonna be on amazon. Damn

You can upload files to this, you need to change them to a .wav first., no need for Google or Alexa.

Looks like that thing is sold out.

I looked into the aeotec siren 6 or doorbell 6 (both basically the same thing) but they’re not out yet.

Cant believe with all these different products that no one has anything easy to set up like this

Mostly figured it out

Using the echo dot 3rd gen, webcore and echospeaks

Gives you a lot of options. Not the easiest method but worth it.