Updates to Google integration

Was that still working? I have had to realise today that the Samsung Smart Home app stopped working/supporting devices back at 20th of April, 2020.


Instead of creating a new topic, I’ll try to address my problem here. I’ve been googling everywhere but no luck so far.

I just bought STv3 and try to integrate it with the Nest mini. The things annoyed me is my wife’s google home showing duplicate devices and I couldn’t get rid of those.

What I’ve done so far,
Set up Smartthings apps and integrate all sengled light in my phone.
Create another smartthings account using my wife’s email in her phone.
Invite her to my account so we share the same house.
Set up integration to Nest mini (google) in my phone using my google and smartthings account.
Set up my wife google home account.
Invite my wife to my google home account.
Integrated my wife to her smarthings account.

all works fine, except I can see there is duplication on the devices with no room assigned.
so everytime she said “turn off the living room” the assistant will say “turn 10 devices off” eventhough there is only 5 devices there.

Am I done something wrong with the setup steps?

appreciate for some suggestion and comments. thanks

For people with hundreds of devices that make no sense to have them listed in the Google Home app, this solution of moving them to a different home is onerous to say the least. I have tried and after a half a day, I gave up and decided that controlling SmartThings devices with Google Home is not more important than the time I have to spend assigning and moving one device at the time to a bogus home. @SmartThings, @Lars please escalate this to be corrected…


What does “Integrated my wife to her smarthings account.” mean? As long as you shared your Google account to her, and no one linked her Google account directly to SmartThings as well, it should be ok.

@Lars, is there any plans to allow the selection of devices for the Google Home integration?


Sorry for the typo, I mean, integrate my wife google home to her Smartthings account so she can use the Scenes I created in the Smartthings.

I am following others suggestion, for now, to create another home in google home and move the duplicate device there. It works fine now.


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Hi All,

We are aware that duplicates of the same device are showing up in Google Home. This affects all users of Google Actions built by other partners, as well as SmartThings. However, we understand that these duplicate devices are acutely noticed by SmartThings users transitioning from the legacy SmartThings Google integration.

Disabling duplicate device instances was not the intended use of the SmartThings device exclusion feature, which is not compatible with our current Google integration. We are working directly with Google to create a more tailored solution for duplicate devices showing up in Google Home.

Thank you for your patience. We are excited to bring you more features over the coming months, which we think will make our new Google integration more useful for all SmartThings users!


So if you linked her google account to her SmartThings account that would be the source of the duplicates. In that case you should not have to share your google home with her?

I got what you mean, but then she needs to set up her own home and then we have 2 separate google home even though we controlling the same device.

What I want to know is, how to set up the smartthings and the integration to google home if I and my wife want to be in the same ‘HOME’.

Sorry if I explain it wrong.

So the reason you linked her google account to her SmartThings account is so she can create her own scenes? Does she have her own SmartThings location where she adds those scenes? If so perhaps she can share her SmartThings location with you instead of linking her google account to her SmartThings account. This is getting complicated :slight_smile:

Yes, it is sound complicated. Maybe I have to paraphrase,

So, we both have ST account, but all the devices are only under my account (her ST home is just blank). I invited her to my ST home so she can access all the devices (under my account).

We both have GH account. I integrate my ST with my GH account so I can do voice command through NEST mini. All goes perfect so far. I can access everything perfectly.
I invite my wife to join my GH so she can access the devices as well. It is fine at this stage.

Now the problem is with the scenes I created in the ST.
I create a routine in GH for (for example) NightTime and I select to activate a specific scene (from ST) every time I said NightTime to NEST mini.

Then the reason I integrate my wife GH with his ST account is, the scene from ST is not in her GH setting. However, once I integrate her GH and ST, the scenes showed in her GH. And now she can activate the scene using NEST mini as well.

I believe once I integrate her GH and ST account, the duplication happens.

Anyway, it is all good for now, I just need to dumb the duplication devices to another home in GH.

Thank you for your help @Lars . appreciate it.

What we do is we have just one smartthings account that we both have the login details to. We each have our own Google account - plus a third account for us as a family. The family google account links the smartthings account to google (which solves the problem of duplicates), while we as individuals add to the Google Home system whatever routines we individually want to use, via our Google Home apps.

Any devices that we don’t wish to see on our smart displays are moved by the family account to a fake Home.

It is not only an issue of duplicated devices as much as a security concern exposing unnecessary devices to yet another cloud. I don’t think that allowing Google full access to every sensor in a SmartThings home is something that many users are willing to accept, imho, and it is disappointing to see SmartThings giving up on protecting their users’ privacy.


@JasonM, @Lars, @blake.arnold

Are you really don’t understand what people are asking?

We don’t want that the Google Home device would have access to all of our devices from SmartThings. And suggesting to have your devices moved to another Home in the Google account is just a ridiculous solution.
Duplicate devices are just by-products of this new integration, an annoying one, indeed. In my case, I have a light on a schedule. I don’t want anyone in my home that would turn on or off by mistake by a wrong voice command. I have a plug as well powering a dehumidifier, what should run always and the app notifies me, when its tank full. I do not want anyone to turn it off by mistake again.

But why on Earth other companies can solve this issue and have their integration built that way, that you can select the devices?

This is a screenshot from the Foscam app, you can select for each of your cameras to which integration be enabled. Without setting any of them, you cannot even connect to the voice assitant service.

Just another life experience, I have LIFX far longer than SmartThings and I like the LIFX scenes in Google Home, but of course I added LIFX bulbs to SmartThings as well, and I have never shared LIFX bulbs from SmartThings to Google Home. Why would I do now?


So the Google home app is notoriously bad at showing you the available scenes from linked partners. Are you sure your wife cant activate the scenes by voice even if they didnt show up in Google app (e.g. before you link her Google account to her ST account)? It might be that they are there, just not shown in the app.

While this isn’t quite the answer I was hoping to hear, I do appreciate that SmartThings has finally provided at least somewhat of a response to this question that had so far been met with stone cold silence.


This seems to imply that this is a problem on Google’s side (“this affects all users of Google actions built by other partners”). But you posted the same message about the new Alexa skill, implying this is a problem on Amazon’s side.


@Lars I tried that before and NEST mini didn’t recognise the instruction.
Yeah, I hope it can get improve soon.


I’m sorry but I don’t think that “months” is a very reasonable time frame to fix a sudden project regression that broke many customer dependencies. Please work towards resolving the duplicate device issue with a greater priority.


Just read through this entire thread. The degree to which the comments about the duplicate device issue was ignored is embarrassing. Not having a solution to a problem is one thing. Failing to acknowledge it is another thing entirely.

I hope for the sake of all involved that the lack of replies is a result of extremely poor reading comprehension and not any other reason.