Updates to Google integration

SmartThings support was no help on the issue either; their reply to me was:

“I would like to inform you that you can log into the Google Assistant app in order to make these changes. The Google Assistant app should allow you to delete or deselect devices.
You’ll need to reach out to Google support for assistance with this.”

…which of course is something that Google Assistant has never had.


I am still on the old version, but when the time comes I will try to work around it using a new “home” to transfer the stuff I don’t want to see. Since you have to do something fairly deliberate to switch homes, it should prevent the unwanted virtual clutter from being a nuisance on the control panel.

Indeed Google Assistant/Home products used to have some sort of support. I did managed to contact them once through an only chat platform, but honestly I cannot remember what way I reached there.

Otherwise, I cannot see any option in the Google Home app to delete devices, only to Unlink SmartThings.

@blake.arnold, @Lars

This change of features starts to be melodramatic when we put the cream to the top (SmartThings support).

Fortunately they haven’t asked to reinstall the app or reset the Hub this time.

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It’s almost certainly on SmartThings and not Google. Integration like this is always “push” and not pull.


  1. Smartthings initiates a sync (unlikely since the operation is initiated from the GH app). It tells Google only about the devices that the customer wants synced
  2. Google asks Smartthings for a list of devices and how to contact them. Smartthings responds with the list of devices customer wants synced

This is a huge regression, and it’s here because smart appliance vendors don’t actually care about customers long term.

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Oh my god, now my entire automation just collapsed.
1/3 of my SmartThings devices are no longer recognizable by Google Home.
I have many Qubino Zwave dual switches-they use a device handler which creates “child metering device”.
Now youre tekking me child devices are not supported, what do I do now ?!


Lol!!! Right

Damn. I accidentally discovered this change and I absolutely hate it. I need to be able to disable the lights that already exist in Hue from showing up in Google through SmartThings. This is awful.

And here I was about to say that I had finally converted over to the new app and was okay with it. Except for this.

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Just make an extra Home in Google and move your unwanted instances into that.


Did you get it to work so you’re able to use a voice command to turn on/off a Harmony device?

Harmony shows up as stateful scenes now. So you wont see them in the regular device list. Try “activate”/“deactivate”

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Ok, having updated myself to this, I have to admit I prefer it. The synchronisation is much smoother - I used to have to enable a device, go to Google, find it hadn’t picked it up, tell it to sync. Wait an hour or more sometimes… go back to ST app to make sure I really did remember to enable it… Not having this kerfuffle makes up for the minute or so it takes to move an unwanted device into the “hidden” home. NB I’ve never been able to make google understand me when I ask it to activate a scene, so my scenes are triggered by virtual switches!


Is there any plan to add the device exclusion in the future? I’m keeping this integration off until I’m able to do this. I don’t need duplicates of every device in GH…


We have now added support for select models of:

  • Samsung Washer
  • Samsung Dryer
  • Samsung Dishwasher
  • Samsung Air conditioner

If you have any of those devices and are using the old “Samsung Smart Home” action, you can unlink that one now.


@Lars We need a way to restrict devices from going to Google Assistant. Any stranger can stand outside my door or window and tell my Google Home speakers to open the garage door. I unlinked Google Assistant integration to protect my home from this security flaw.

Of course, there is also the annoyance of duplicate devices that are integrated directly with Google and ST. And then there are the devices that don’t serve a purpose in the Google Home interface and just cause clutter, like like Z-wave extenders, buttons. keypads, contact sensors, motion sensors, leak sensors, virtual sensors/switches, and many more.


I know this is another workaround but you could either give them a name no one would guess for now for example you could call a door the ‘black hole’ or the ‘portal’

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I think I’m going to do that. I’ll give it a weird name, assigned to a weirdly named room in a different “home” in Google Home app.

I don’t think you can rely on that. Google’s too clever, it knows what type of device everything is no matter what you call it. It will probably still react to “Hey Google, open all locks” (or doors or whatever)

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Damn Google, clever when you don’t want it and not so clever when you want it to be…
Another option is try and trigger do not disturb or digital wellbeing when you are out so it does not react

You’re right. I moved 'em to a different home in Google Home, and was still able to control it with voice using both my phone and the Google Home speakers (which are all assigned to the home group, not the hidden home that I moved the garage device to).

Lars must be aware of our requests to exclude devices. It feels like he’s intentionally avoiding the question. I get that he’s just one person, and it might not be his fault. It still does feel good being ignored.