Prevent certain devices from syncing with Google Home?

I’ve got a number of devices in both SmartThings and Google Home (Neato, Hue, Sensibo etc), but when I sync all my SmartThings devices appear in GH creating duplicates.

Is there a way I can select which devices show up in GH from SmartThings?

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It is not possible at this time. They may be adding that feature back at some point but no timeline is known.

Some users are creating a second location in GH and moving devices they don’t wish to see into that new location.

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🤦 everything seems to be going backwards at the moment from a UX perspective


Any update to this? I remember this kind of exploded when this was first removed, so many users were upset that samsung employees were addressing the issue in some thread on this community

This has effectively destroyed several automations while making google assistant confused because of all the duplicate devices. Nearly every service I connect to smartthings gives me the option to check off devices one by one which i want to be connected, its frankly absurd to force users to share every single device, scene, and automation with google without any options to limit what google cannot see