New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)

I’m on the old skill and have worked hard to move from classic phone app to the new one, I may hold out on this move until things are smoothed over…


I’m not switching to the new Alexa skill unless I absolutely have to


Deleting them from the Alexa app does not solve the issue. You have to login to the via web browser, go to “Smart home/Devices” and click “Remove all”. Then do another discovery.

Just noticed all my contact sensors are duplicate. Weird. I only deleted contact and motion sensors, because my lights and plugs are working fine.

It didn’t work. Do I have to delete ALL DEVICES or only sensors?

Just to clarify. I installed the new Smartthings skill, but accidentally left the old one running. Half of my sensors stopped working. I deleted them from the app and readded them, and they worked. A couple days ago, I found out that I accidentally forgot to delete the old skill. So I deleted it. Some of my lights didn’t work, but deleting and reading them worked. All my sensors gave the correct readings when they were open or detected motion, but they didn’t trigger routines. I tried deleting and reading them from the Alexa app, but that didn’t work. Now I tried deleting them from the Alexa website. I deleted both copies and readded the devices. It found only one copy, which was good. When I retried the routines (I enabled them back), they still did not activate.

Edit: I have 154 alexa devices (both virtual and real), and most of my automations are in Alexa. Do I have to delete everything? I would be happy to use echo speaks and endure the IFTTT delay between Smartthings and tuya compared to doing all that.

Hi All,

We are aware that duplicates of the same device are showing up in Alexa. This affects all users of Alexa Skills built by other partners, as well as SmartThings. However, we understand that these duplicate devices are acutely noticed by SmartThings users transitioning from the legacy SmartThings Alexa integration.

Disabling duplicate device instances was not the intended use of the SmartThings device exclusion feature, which is not compatible with our current Alexa integration. We are working directly with the Alexa team to create a more tailored solution for duplicate devices showing up in Alexa.

Thank you for your patience. We are excited to bring you more features over the coming months, which we think will make our new Alexa integration more useful for all SmartThings users!


Is this referring to duplicates from the old vs new SmartThings skill or duplicates from new SmartThings skill and the other manufacturers skill (I.e. Hue, ecobee, Kasa, etc) both adding the same device?

It’s actually for duplicates which result in both instances. Whether the duplicate is currently generated from both versions of the SmartThings Skill, or from having a SmartThings Skill + other manufacturer’s skill, the solution we are working on with Amazon seeks to resolve any duplicate of the same device.


Any news on the issue of the new skill not controlling child devices?


Well that’s cool. Does that imply there is some kind of master unique ID for each device being shared between the various integrations?

I created virtual devices that are linked to the original child devices. Then it works.

I flashed my tuya devices with tasmota, so now a couple of my contact sensors aren’t needed. Any alternatives to make all alexa devices announce when a contact sensors is opened. A couple days ago, for a minute, it started working, but then it stopped again.

I’d also been keen to understand this. Because if this proposed duplicate solution only flags devices based on name I’d still suffer many duplicates as I’ve updated many Alexa devices names in order to accomodate Alexa’s voice recognition nuances.

@Lars…Im having the having the same issue as above since a few weeks ago . My routines don’t trigger when motion sensor or virtual sensor are turned on. when i turn on those devices from ST it does reflect properly in Alexa but the routine does not trigger. I have tried so many things already to try and resolve this including step by step of @cljara80 directions. Please help me resolve it.

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Please make this a priority … this duplicate issue is making the Alexa integration almost useless. You cannot delete the duplicate, they come back and if you disable them, you still get to hear … Thermostat is disabled … please re-enable to use… even if rename it…smartthings knows the type is a Thermostat… this is really making trouble for this disabled parents who rely on voice.


Hopefully they can fix it, but why didn’t they retain 2 versions of the skill? I.e. ‘classic’ and ‘new’ versions.

I’m just getting a little tired of things being fiddled with for no reason now. The ‘old’ Alexa skill was rock-solid and did everything that it needed to. Not a single person complained about it, but alas here we are again…


It started working again on half of my devices this morning! I deleted all the duplicates from, and all of my devices now work! I am afraid that Tommorow it will stop working like it did when it started working a week ago

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Please keep us posted if they keep working @Abhijeet_Ghosh

I’m not super keep to delete everything and start again :frowning:

Hi friends, I confirmed it too, all day today my Alexa routines works OK. I did nothing, it just started working. I hope it stays that way.

After being patient for a few weeks now, I finally woke up this morning and decided to delete all of my Simulated Alexa Switches and create new switches using the new Alexa 4-way switch device handler code that was recently posted. They worked great all day long and I was so happy thinking “Hey, I fixed my problem!”

And, then I see this. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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