Update on orders from SmartThings

Anyone know of a way to get updates on your orders from SmartThings. I entered a Support Call Monday and have not heard back yet. I don’t see anything on the site to get a status. I ordered Friday Dec. 4th. Still have no shipping notice. This sucks! They took the money but you can’t get an update on your order. Please any help much appreciated.

This is the beginning of your journey along with many of us, displeased with frequent SmartThings server outages, false events and total lack of ANY customer service.

IMHO I would think twice about your purchase and perhaps wait!

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To late. They’ve already taken the money but can’t give me any info as to when it will be shipped. Starting to lose faith in them. It would be a shame for the Product to go down the tubes because of shitty customer service. Anyone know how to contact the Samsung people directly?

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And every time I try the Chat it’s not available or you sit in the queue for hours. GETTING PISSED!

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Just send an email to support@smartthings.com. It’s so much easier than waiting for chat.

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Call your credit card company and place a dispute/hold on the transaction. They will ask for a specific reason, and you can state “non shipment” and “no phone to call” and “email not answered”. You have up to 45 days to dispute this with most major credit card companies.

I could not find a ANY phone number for SmartThings, including their HQ. This should be a red flag, as sending anything to SUPPORT@SMARTTHINGS.COM will never generate a reply by a human.

Here is what you get back when you email support@smartthings.com! Love the “warm regards”!


This email is to notify you that we have created a support ticket for your request. We’re very sorry but we may be a bit slower than usual getting back to you. We have a number of new and old users alike that have contacted us with questions. Between our new Hub, new mobile experience, and the tremendous excitement around what SmartThings is doing, we have a sizable backlog of requests. Our support team will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible but we humbly ask for your patience. If you have anything else you’d like to tell us, you can reply to this email. Otherwise, we’ll be in touch as soon as we’re able.

Warm regards,

The SmartThings Team

Have you done this recently??? and really got a human to assist in anytime the same week? If you have, do tell us what you did (e.g. threaten, promise large sums of money, are a sibling of ST or Samsung Executive management, etc)?

I entered a Support call to the support email Monday. Still waiting to hear back form them.

NO doubt. That’s been my exact experience as well

Thank Kurt. I will give them until next week to respond. I have just emailed the CEO on linkedin. We’ll see if I get a response from that.

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Well what do you know. About an hour after I email the CEO I finally got a response from Support. Not sure if he had anything to do with it or not but the timing is awfully suspicious. A shame they had no news other than my order is in processing at the warehouse. They have been slammed. Blah Blah Blah. Still PISSED because I still don’t know when I’m getting my order. Such BS.

Yes … escalations to the CEO or other executives (especially via “@ahawkinson” public mentions on Twitter) frequently get escalated attention. Though if everyone did that … :boom:

That’s the part that gets me, and the reason I will never order from them again. It’s not illegal, but it’s unethical to charge your account before they are ready to ship (and also contrary to Visa’a published “best practice” for card-absent transactions - MC, etc. have similar guidelines). If it has been 15 days since placing your order, you can do a charge-back with your card issuer. Any merchant that exceeds a certain number of charge-backs (1% to 2% in a month) is apt to have their card acceptance privileges permanently revoked. If you are at or around 12 days, contact SmartThings support, stating your intention to initiate a charge-back on day 15. That should get their attention. Of course, if it has only been 5 or 6 days before they ship, all you can do is vote with your wallet and not buy from them again.


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I did, and got a response back in under 24hrs with correct instructions on how to resolve for a ticket I opened on dec 6. Every issue is different and mine ended up to be easy to fix. I do have 2 other issues that have been open over a month but I know neither will be quick fixes.

I’ve had the benefit of working tech support for 5 yrs, things that help support help you faster are:
1: Honesty, if you did something to mess it up, or you think you did, or you changed something in your environment… Start with that. The least helpful thing support can hear/read is “I didn’t do anything it just stopped working” Even if this is the case it doesn’t help support help you.
2: Be verbose about your issue, think What, When, Where and How.What is having an issue, When did the issue start, Where are the devices that are having an issue or where did you get the devicetype/smartapp. How do you know you are having an issue. Logs, troubleshooting steps, steps to reproduce the issue all help.
3: Be Nice, Keep in mind that the support team are actual humans and users of SmartThings just like the rest of us. They spend 7-10hr only looking into broken SmartThings setups. Honey goes a lot further than vinegar, threats, or any other bit of nastiness.

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I too have worked Software Support for over 5 years now. We would never and I mean never let cases set around for a week without responding. Mine was not even a support issue but an order issue.

Anyway the email to the CEO worked they refunded the money to my card since they have NO Control over when their shipping partner ships. I would get a new Shipping Partner before I lose all my business. We’ll see how quickly the money shows back up? Probably the same ole 7-10 days garbage.

Thanks for all of the feedback guys.

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