Can't get hold of support (UK)

I have been trying to get hold of SmartThings support for a few days but am not getting anything back. Is there any way to contact them in the UK other than their email address []? Thanks

That’s not the UK address, it’s

So I would try that one first.

If you are using the new app, you go to menu > contact us. It also allows you to attach logs :slight_smile:

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Thanks both

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I’ve tried both and still nothing. Is this normal?

There are notes on the support pages that responses are being delayed because of COVID-19 lockdown and people having to work from home. So it’s not normal, but these are not normal times. :disappointed_relieved:

That is not an excuse really especially at email support. They don’t do chat anymore. Then what do they do from home?

I can’t phone them, can’t use online chat, and they don’t reply to emails. Not sure what else to do?

Anything the community can help with? There are support staff around, and some friendly technical staff may pitch in where they can.

For my part, I’m in the UK and I think I’ve only contacted support twice. Once was a couple of years ago and it took weeks to get a response, which was basically ‘sorry, do you still have a problem?’, combined with a complete lack of understanding of what I’d asked anyway. The other was via the app earlier this year. I got an automated acknowledgement for that one. That was all I ever got though. Not even a ticket number or anything.

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I need my welcome code - I reset my hub and long since thrown away the packaging.

Ok! That might can be fixed as well here. I will tag @Brad_ST, who might can help.

Thank you…fingers crossed.

@yosarian, Have you got it sorted out?

If not, I will tag @garrett.kranz as well, who is a support engineer at SmartThings.

Nothing yet I’m afraid :frowning:

Now sorted by Garrett, thanks a lot for the help.


Having the same issue I needed the welcome code as moved house and had to reset everything. I use mine for lights and to help and monitor my disabled partner. This is causing us massive issues right now as lights are not auto on its not triggering alarm if she falls and the motion sensors are not working. We have a button as an alarm as well.

I sent the person Garrett a Pm about the situation to see if he could help as were quite desperate. Any other ideas as right now im really thinking about giving up and having to find a backup solution.

@pcdave, have you got any reply?

Not yet unfortunately. Managed to grab a hue motion sensor today so at least I know if she goes to the bathroom the light will turn on for her as needs both hands for holding the rails.

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@Brad_ST, @jody.albritton - Could you please give a hand here with a welcome code?

@GSzabados for issues like these you can tag @SamsungZell

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