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Does anyone know how to contact SmartThings support via chat or email? SmartThings Support link on this page lets to start a chat session, but operators there say it’s “Samsung products support chat, not SmartThings”

In the ST app, the only options are Call us and Text chat. I know that they discontinued their email support because I got this response when attempting to close out an open case.

Hello,Thanks for reaching out to receive support with your SmartThings system.
This email address ( is no longer being monitored for support requests, but we are still available to aid you with any issues. 
Please follow the link below to find various other ways to get in touch with us so that we may assist you.

Actually, it’s the same link they have on SmartThings Support page, but it leads to a chat which rejects providing support for the app. It looks like phone call +1-866-813-2404 is the only option left.

The support experience through the app is strange to say the least. I’m outside the United States and the only option I have is “Ask questions” (there is no online chat option) and after selecting the menu options, devices and problem description, I did not receive any email or confirmation that a ticket support was being opened. Am I simply supposed to trust that someone will read it and get in touch?

As already mentioned, the email no longer works and the online chat option found in the link indicated don´t give support to SmartThings.

It’s bizarre that the only way to contact specialized support service for SmartThings is through Phone (not a viable option for people like me that are outside US)

Maybe @SmartThings @Michael_ST or any other staff member can give us a hint on how get in touch with smartthings specialized support if you cannot reach by phone.

@marcos.scheffler Where are you located? The support email you referenced (which as you noted is no longer in service) was generally a US based support email so where it directed you may not have worked for your region.

In general the two best options are either via the app or for your region will have a support section.

I’m located in Brazil. The support for my region doesn’t include support for smartthings (already tryed the chat and whatsapp option), so i`m fine if i can directly access the US support.

I’m in the US, and had the same experience: mentioned e-mail address is not being served anymore, and chat support at the end tells they do not support SmartThings application, but hardware only.

@marcos.scheffler There are different features available in different regions and in some cases even different laws and regulations that change how support can be handled (privacy laws, etc), so in general support teams can’t always provide support if you are in a different region.

@step If you are in the US have you attempted support through this page recently? It recently has changed that even with the direct link that looks like it has SmartThings already in it you generally need to type SmartThings into the topics search to be presented the support options that should be getting you to the right people.

@Michael_ST, I didn’t. I gave up back in January after realizing that it’s harder to get support rather than to live with the issue (and it’s surprisingly magically disappeared few weeks ago).

My recent message (today) was just to confirm that Marcos is not alone struggling to get support.


@Michael_ST just a little off topic, but it’s possible to reset everything to factory defaults, create an account in United States Region, set up my hub and devices again with this new account so i can use Smart Lock Guest Access, even if i’m physically in Brazil?

Also, this is the support level that you can expect if you go through the in-app support option:

Here is your inquiry.

Perguntas gerais (como usar o aparelho, especificações etc.) 2024-04-11T15:07:39Z[Etc/UTC]

  • Related devices: Papaiz SL205(Corredor) * Related device details (Device Type/ Model code/ Plugin version/ Firmware version): SmartLock/-/233300016/- * Date and time of recent occurrence: 20240411 12:00 * Details (about the questions/suggestions): Smart Lock Guest Access is not available at the “Life” section of the app, so cant manage lock codes for this yale compatible (assa abloy) door lock. Also, "Smart Lightning is not showing, this still available? [ocfRegion: na03]

Notice from customer center.
Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

I understand from your inquiry that you encountered difficulties with the SmartThings application on your phone.

Since this might be caused by an internal software issue that has not been properly updated with the software update and the new Smart Things version, please follow the steps below in order to try to solve the issue:

First off, please check if your app is up to date and if necessary update it from: SmartThings > Menu > Settings(cogwheel at the top right) > About SmartThings.

Go to Settings > Apps > Smart Things > tap Force stop > Storage > Clear Cache, Clear Data.

Should this not work, please contact us again for further investigations, and we will do everything in our power to solve your issues as quickly as possible. Also, for us to have a better understanding on the matter, Please provide the following information along with log files so that we can identify and fix the issue:

  • Phone model:

  • Phone OS information:

  • Device model:

  • SmartThings version:

  • Screenshots of the situation.

  • Log files.

You can take a screenshot by briefly pressing both the Home and Power buttons at the same time. On some devices, this shortcut is replaced by pressing the Power and Volume Down keys in the same manner, briefly.

How to get the log files:

SmartThings > Menu > Contact us > Error report > Check “Send system log data”.

Since this is a no-reply email address, in order to forward the required details, please go to > Contact us > Log in.

Alternatively, you could also send us the needed information by going to Samsung care, selecting “Sign in” > “App Inquiry” > filling in the form and tapping on “Submit”, or through the Samsung Members app on your mobile device.

If you encounter any other unexpected situation and have more questions, please do not hesitate to send us your request by using the “Contact us” option on and our support team will assist you with all the necessary information.

Thank you for using our services. Your satisfaction is very important to us.

Just an automatic response without further action. They didn’t even check the region of my account to inform me that the “Smart Lock Guest Access” service is not available in Brazil.

Strange fact, if i look into my Account it says that i don’t have smartthings as a “connected service”.

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