Customer support phone number

Does anyone know how to call them???

Not possible:

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I sent two emails and got two tickets!

One email was a week ago.

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Join the club. They are swamped, in part because of all the issues yesterday.


That’s funny, not really, but I switched everything SnartThings over to SRB and didn’t even notice a problem last night.

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Swamped from day one probably… what is SRB?

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Simple Rule Builder. Works very well. New users might have a problem with SmartThings new OAuth changes keep in mind.

If it doesn’t work right now the developer is going to look at the code this weekend to see what can be done to get around it, also I heard SmartThings might be undoing their change to give developers more time. It was rather sudden in my opinion.

All I’m trying to do right now is clear “Intrusion alerts”, cannot even do one by one. Apps are horrible.

SmartThings email support is totally useless with only canned responses that might arrive in two weeks after repeated requests. It is unbelievable that they do not have a customer support number, which was not a problem when they had a responsible CHATLINE that is now “PERMANENTLY OFFLINE”.

I do not PERSONALLY buy the, “We are swamped and ramping up our Help desk staff” excuses that SmartThings has been peddling for over a year. Samsung is just using the SmartThings brand name for marketing in their home appliances.

IMHO, SmartThings is squeezing every last dollar from any new customer that is foolish enough to purchase their devices without checking on current feedback.

SmartThings has been over their heads with serious backend and device issues since they released the flawed V2 hub and resultant untested changes to their erratic backend/cloud. Once a good company when I purchased several years ago, they have now dropped to last place in all categories. Soon you will see articles tracking our dissatisfaction since blogs and PC Magazines are being flooded with complaints.

I have observed these same irresponsible management issues in SmartThings that other now dead (or almost dead) tech companies experienced before closing their doors, like Palm Pilot, Blackberry, AOL, Wang, Atari, Sun, Commodore International and Sega to name a few.

Do you have any idea how much it costs to answer the phone? Per call? And this to support a service that is free. Makes no sense.

I think the real purpose of support isn’t to help the user, it’s to provide a feedback mechanism for ST to know what are the hot issues.

Not good, but how the heck would you do it? Have you noticed that call in support for big companies like cellular, phone, cable, etc. are all pretty much worthless? You can be on hold for 30 minutes, start explaining your issue to a CSR for 10 minutes, get the runaround, and then get the call disconnected mysteriously. Rinse, repeat…

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They should have clearly stated that this product is for hobbiest.


I will give them time but looks like will return everything.

@bravenel There are so many GREAT companies that FREELY offer phone support along with responsible other means of support, like Chat Lines, Email, HTTP, etc.

SmartThings AVOIDS their customers with emails that goes into the bit bucket. If you haven’t tested that in the last year, just send an email to and place “Urgent: Hub Not Responding” in the Subject Tag line and see what that gets you. In my last 4 attempts, I have YET TO RECEIVE ANY HUMAN RESPONSE.

Cost of Support, come on, are you really going to throw that one in the heap of excuses? Let’s see, perhaps you can name a few tech companies that DO NOT OFFER TIMELY SUPPORT to my list, Fitbit, Netgear, D-Link, Apple, Dell, TWC, Comcast, LG, Sony, WD, Ecobee, and the list goes on…

By the way, the Huffington Post 8/13/2013 reported the following:

“After repeated consumers called Samsung “the worst customer service ever,” the electronics retailer made a serious investment in improving its reputation. In the last year, the company has wooed customers back by launching a worldwide customer service campaign and offering a free app that provides online support, troubleshooting guides, and how-to videos you can take anywhere.”

Perhaps it will take a few years of complaining for SmartThings to get on par with their new parent.

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See this post from @Tyler


I saw the quick unsubstantiated reply, but it is completely inaccurate and you should know it being on this members forum as much as I am seeking any thread of support for the broken scheduler that is causing so many headaches.

Yea, scheduling is messed up. It has been messed up for quite some time. Nothing new there. It’s been broken long enough that people have found work-arounds that work more or less, but not perfectly. Not good.

Yes, and a broken scheduler where customers usually have to delete and start over is quite a workaround that I would be happy to do occasionally, but not when it happens weekly on critical routines in my house, like HVAC, Door Lock Security, Garage Door Open/Close, Presence, Modes, Sunset/Sunrise, etc…

I am very disappointed in SmartThings, and this is NOT MY USUAL OPERATING MODE. I have been reduced to using SmartThings V2 hub for non essential processing, like lights or status on contact switches. This was not my desire, nor was it the way it started two years ago when I had a perfectly oiled working system.

My family is completely disappointed as well with home automation since false alarms and routines not working is the norm.

ST is not usable as a security system. Throw away, or put on a shelf, your siren.


Will try Wink. Looks good. And its only 50$