Unpair hub from account without access

So I lost access to my Samsung account where I have all my devices. I didn’t muse my devices for a few months and during this time I changed my mobile number. Now I cannot access my account because I cannot get the 2 step verification code, and to change the mobile number used for the 2 step verification Samsung is asking me the IMEI and serial number of my last Samsung galaxy phone I had which was like 7 years ago, and obviously I don’t have.
So now I made a new Samsung account with a different email address but now I cannot add the hub cause it tells me it paired to a different account. Any ideas?

You can contact ST support at support@smartthings.com

Explain the situation of the new phone and attach a photo of the bottom of the hub to show the serial # for verification that you have that hub. I assume it is a v2 hub.


It is a 2018 version, I believe its the 3rd version.
I sent the explanation and hub picture to the email you suggested. Hope it’s something easy to fix.
Thank you!

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