New phone can't access hub in classic app

A while ago my smartthings account was somehow merged with my Samsung account. I haven’t paid close attention to what happened as it seemed that the old app still worked fine with the hub on that phone (Samsung galaxy s8+). Now on my new galaxy s9+ I’m logging on automatically with my Samsung account but the app doesn’t seem to know about my v2 hub. I’m clicking add new thing but I’m asked to enter the hub code which I’m uncertain I still have. I need to have the old app working since it enables me to use some of the custom stuff. What should I do?

Try logging out of the app and when you log back in, select new user then select your Samsung account. If that does not resolve the issue, check to see if you have more than one Location - in which case, you can simply change to the other Location or remove the other empty Location in IDE.

Let us know what happens.

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