Error when adding Routine

I currently have no Routines. When I attempt to add a Routine, I receive the message, “An unexpected error has occurred.” Is there some way I can fix this or is there something wrong with my location all together? Thank you!

You should contact to open a ticket.

In the mean time you can create your own Routines with Rule Machine (In the form of Rules, Triggers and Conditions)— There is a little bit of a learning curve, but it’s much more customizable than the stock options, and you wouldn’t have to wait for support:

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Did anyone ever figure out how to fix this for you?
I have the same issue

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They’re unbelievable at Smartthings… Their customer service is the worst and they never, ever, ever solve any problem. That’s why I switched to Hubitat. Lately all my routines disappeared and now I get the same insane error message and, of course, no answer from those folks at ST…

I reinstalled Hello Home for you.

Hi, I saw that, thank you, despite the fact it’s creepy that you can access my settings so easily. One more reason not to use a cloud based system, I guess. But thanks anyway.