*FIXED* Unable to Create Routines (Classic App)

Shortly after the forced account migration from classic to modern app (as well as a house move and ST reconfigure), I found myself unable to use “Routines”. Any attempt to create a new routine was met with an error.

I spent a considerable amount of time cleaning up a few legacy issues as well as a full “purge” of my old house vs. the new one - all of which I thought was contributing to this error in functionality.

After a months long Samsung Support email thread, we finally got it fixed and I thought I’d share what they said for anyone else experiencing this issue.

“…This matter was actually escalated to our engineers for further assistance. They determined that the Hello Home module would resolve this matter and completed this action within your account on the backend of our system…”

I don’t know what the “Hello Home module” is (I did ask for a bit more clarity), but I can confirm it did indeed fix the Routine issue.

If you login to IDE and go to My Locations then click on smartapps you will find at the top that your routines are contained in a section called Hello Home :slight_smile:

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Indeed - thanks!

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