Routines Not Working


I can’t get my night routine to fire from my minimote and, the Routines section on the app is completely blank. I’ve contacted support but, was wondering if I was the only one experiencing this.

Smartapps dissapeared - Access Denied?
(Matt) #3

It’s not just you. I am also experiencing this issue.

When I run SharpTools, it returns an error 500. I’m also unable to add new Routines.

I emailed support and expect a reply back in a few days. Yay for setting off an alarm every time I move.

(Jordan Thurston) #4

I’m experiencing the same issues. I’m glad it’s not just me, but hopefully it gets fixed soon.

(Todd Wackford) #5

We’re performing some DB cleanup and things should be back to normal shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Since yesterday? Right now it’s stuck in a mode that was set since 7pm yesterday. When I goto rooms or routines in the app. It just crashes.

(Mike G) #7

Routines blank for me as well on both iPads this morning. Had to change modes through the web.
Hoping they get this fixed soon as Todd mentions above.


And yet still nothing appears on the status page to say some customers might experience problems.

This is the reason SmartThings feels like a hobbyist platform to me. Anyone who relies on this to actually operate with the stability of a dishwasher or washing machine is going to be sadly disappointed.

Platform changes or cloud changes are made which causes the automations in People’s homes to flake out or just stop altogether. With no notification to customers, even on the status page. So things which worked fine on Sunday just don’t work on Monday.

Your life is your philosophy.

There’s an old Buddhist saying that “your life is your philosophy.” Meaning you can say whatever you want to say, but you will put your time and energy into the things that are truly important to you. You will live your priorities.

CTO @hagins has said he wants SmartThings to be the last thing you consider when you wonder why your lights don’t come on. But that does not appear to be the company’s working philosophy. Frequent random outages with no explanation unless you happen to stumble over one in the forums. Granted, some of the outages only affect subsets of customers, but the point is it’s a system that cannot be relied on.

The Customer Experience

There are so many things that I like about SmartThings, and so many things that it does better than the competition. But until they put the customer experience first, and that includes the experience of customers who have already installed the system and use it every day to manage their homes, they will never meet their own slogan of “Smart home. Intelligent living.” Because right now you would be very foolish indeed to depend on SmartThings for anything essential.

As always, I’m not expecting perfection. But they have to do better than this, not just in the reliability, but in their attitude towards reliability. They have to not make changes that affect customers’ “quality of service” (QOS) experience without telling people in advance that it’s going to happen and giving them the option to bypass the change until a more convenient time.

If it really is something that has to be done for everyone then it has to be an announced scheduled maintenance. And the announcement has to be at least three days in advance.

And they have to start updating the status page in a way that is meaningful to customers. Not just engineering staff. “Some customers may be affected by…” is the industry standard for reporting cloud outages. It doesn’t matter if the company is aware of the problem, understands it, and is working on the solution. Customers need the information that that process is underway.

Living on a rollercoaster

Oh, well. For anyone who is affected by the routines issue this morning, or the Apple Watch issue, or the dimmer control issue, or the add a user issue, or the SHM notifications issue, or the oauth issue, or the mode failure issue, or the live logging issue, or the disappearing sensor issue (none of which appear on the status page), you have my sympathies.

For those whose systems are running 100%, no problems, I’m happy for you. When SmartThings works well, it’s great. But I’d make sure you have your Plan B in place for anything that’s important to you. :wink:


Breaking my ability to run a routine that I depend on every night for some security measures should prompt some kind of an advance notice.

(Natemare13) #10

Routines and Smartapps are both showing up BLANK all of a sudden. Dashboard view in the app says there was an error and to check my internet connection and Graph.API.Smartthings is telling me ACCESS DENIED when clicking on “my smartapps” . What is going on?


Now I am getting this.


So apparently there is an issue internally that only affecting a ‘handful of users’ the suggestion was to just wait it out.

(Mike G) #13

My problem was solved around 11:30 am today and all seems to be fine now.

(Steven) #14

I’ve actually been having issues for weeks on routines not firing properly. About two weeks ago I read in the forums that something changed on the back end and most of our smartapps would be reinstalled. I basically started from scratch again. Things worked better for a week, then it started happening again.

A tad frustrating.

(DanG) #15

This is my problem as well. It is really bad for business when people, such as myself, wake up in the morning and say “I wonder how it will fail today?”

(Vince) #16

True, I had ST for less than one week before problems started. I was very pleased with ST in the beginning, but now I would not recommend it to anyone.

(Brian Mc Lean) #17

I am having the same issue, am not able to add a routine after deleting all routines.

(Naseem Rahman) #18

I am having the same problem, were yu able to fix it?


I have a simple routine to turn on two Philips Hue bulbs when I get home, based on my phone’s proximity. It worked okay at first, but now it fails to work 50% of the time. Nothing in the app has been changed. The routine is still there and all the parameters are correct, it just doesn’t turn on the lights.

I posted about this some time back and never received a single reply. Does anyone from Samsung monitor these forums? If not, what is the point? The support section just appears to be FAQs and no way to really submit a ticket.

I am not real happy with SmartThings at this point. I paid a lot of money for something that I could do just as easily (and more reliably) with a smart outlet.


SmartThings support staff do not officially monitor these forums. There are a couple of forum moderators Who are SmartThings employees, but they aren’t providing support for individual problems. So this forum is mostly just for peer support from other customers, and sharing ideas and project reports.

If you look in the upper right of this page you should see the word “support.” If you click on that, it will take you to the support page, and then at the bottom of that page it will list the contact options for the US: email, phone, or live chat.

If you are in the UK, your options will be email or live chat. In that case when you get to that support page click on the menu at the top right of that page and you will see the link to the UK support.

So that’s how you open an individual support ticket. Go to the support page and then choose one of the contact options available for your geographic region.