Unable to Access SmartThings Mobile After Android Upgrade

I upgraded my Android OS on my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 this morning to v6.0.1 Security Patch Level June 1, 2016. Since then my SmartThings application on my phone doesn’t work. I get “Sorry there was an unexpected error” or “There was a problem refreshing your SmartThings mobile presences” or “Unable to open Dashboard”.

I am guessing that this is related to a mismatch in the software (which I’ve also uninstalled and re-installed) and the new Android revision. I was just curious if anyone else was having this issue?

100% broken for me too

There is an issue currently with North America servers. So you are not the only one having this issue.

Yeah I am now reading this. Thanks


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I am connected all the way from Singapore. It sometimes allows me access sometimes doesn’t. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Mine too everything is not working.